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    Kits by itsHoggie

    Hey Hoggie, you once made an Arsenal kit for me (the blue shorts one they wore vs Fenerbahce). I have recently made a couple of adjustments. Thanks again for your help. Here´s my adjustment and a couple of other Arsenal concepts:
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    [Faces] Base Copy Players

    Lewis from Norwich City
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    some new classic kits

    Superb. thanks a ton.
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    Dumbed Down Classic Teams Exports

    The thing about the fake classic players is this: as re-gens, they improve at a much faster rate than regular players. So what I do is make them all old (high 30s to high 40s) and wait for them as re-gens. Then you have some great, unknown youth players. If you want, you can jazz them up, change...
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    [FACES] Copy base players

    J. Geria, Australia, Free Agent
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    [KITS] By itsHoggie

    Hoggie, you know I loved your work on the Arsenal kit. Is there any way you could fix me up with this one?
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    [PS4] Classic kits Pes 2018

    Wow outstanding work bro. Outstanding.
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    [KITS] Classic kits Pes 2018 by R8cha

    "Invalid or deleted file" when you click the link.
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    [PS4] Classic kits Pes 2018

    R8cha, are these available for download yet?
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    OMG Hoggie if that works I am forever indebted to you!!! No idea how to get it onto my USB but I´m sure I´ll work it out :D Edit: perfection! Worked a treat. And may never a bad word about ManU evr cross my lips.... ;)
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    If anyone out there could oblige and hook me up with Arsenal´s 2012/13 home alternative kit (blue shorts) I would be ecstatic:
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    The PES 2018 Request Thread

    Kit makers!!! If anyone out there could make the Arsenal 2012/13 home alternative kit (blue shorts) it would be massively appreciated:
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    [PS4] OF Erzo 77

    Thanks a ton, mate. Also used your Spurs away kit as a third (in addition to Christiano92´s) for them. White shorts....thanks so much.
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    [PLAYERS] Basecopy

    Sparta Rotterdam: R. Van Drongelen Benfica: Luka Jovic Utrecht: S. Haller Olympiakos Piräus: P. Retsos RB Leipzig: Selke, R.Khedira Borussia Dortmund: Burnic, E. Mor, Mikel Merino Metz: S. Falette Liverpool: Origi OCG Nice: A. Donis