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    Anti Fair play!

    there is nothing wrong with dirty tackles at any time. It's part of the game. I don't have a problem with anyone's tactics as long as its part of the game. I just hate when people actually cheat online, by making the game end, cancelling the game, making it not count, or somehow giving...
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    Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?

    Is this for real? If so, that's awesome...but why didn't the guy who reviewed the game on this site know this?
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    is the AI cheating?

    Don't get me wrong, the game is awesome, that's why you're playing it, but obviously in real life a team can fully deserve a win, and end up with just a point or even losing. Why play if you refuse to let that happen to you? Why don't you just close your eyes and imagine that you're...
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    is the AI cheating?

    Haha, why? why even play the game?
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    Game Speed -2 BROKEN

    The game speed is fine....some of these people are just being dumbasses.
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    ML Suggestion:

    Do not allow there to be any 15-19 year old boys from the youth team better than Franz Beckenbauer.
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    ML players

    why is that 16 year old the best player ever? 16...come on, thats so stupid. seriously, how hard is it to not have little kids be better than gerard pique.
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    No wingbacks?!?!?

    I'm annoyed by this too. But, there is an offensive sideback Player trait or whatever. Maybe that's pretty much a wingback.
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    Master League Random Players

    Playing with the default line-up is awesome. Master League isn't the same unless you start with them.
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    Just had an incredible MLO game!

    HAHA...Yeah, MLO is awesome.
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    Is EA paying the reviewers

    I like FIFA too. It's the second best game in the world, IMO. I was just kidding. I've owned every FIFA since 08. Can we please not fight about which game is better?
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    Superstar Difficulty

    I am so happy this is in the game, even if it doesn't really do anything. I used to love playing on "6 star" back in WE 9 (Pes 5). I remember thinking it was a lot harder back then. I actually still play that game, but I always play on 6 star, so I don't remember what 5 star was like. Has...
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    Is EA paying the reviewers

    NUH UHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pes is betterr! Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haribo said Fifa is better than pes...
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    For those who have it already... How is ONLINE?

    It's easier to get money in MLO, but you have to pay better players more money. For example, I think Ronaldo's salary comes out to like 300,000 per game on a ten game contract. Imagine if you had a full team of players like that, it would cost around 3 million dollars per game played. If it's...
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    For those who have it already... How is ONLINE?

    Yeah, My xbox 360 gamertag is BR0DE. B, R, Zero, D, E.
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    Master League help

    I think you have to unlock it. It's in the mode expansion part. Bad idea though, stick with the ML default players. I love that team.
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    For those who have it already... How is ONLINE?

    yeah, this is bullshit. I just posted another thread about this. Someone quit against me- I got a quit. I backed out when I got matched up with him again minutes later. I got a quit, and he got a 3-0 win. A third time I was matched up with him, and of course, he quit again. But my...
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    Good Job, Konami.

    Just happened a 3rd time in a row, against the same I guess I just can't play the game anymore. Cool.
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    Good Job, Konami.

    I was playing in a MLO game when someone did a connection cheat where it says the conditions have worsened so the game will be canceled, and I got a warning message saying that MY!? disconnect percentage went up bla bla that made me pretty angry right there. Then the next game I get...