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    [FACES] midnightninja's Faces

    :shocking:..Awsome! thanks! ;)
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    [INDEX] import / export teams index

    please please please! :(
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    [FACES] adam13's Face Creation Thread

    miguel vitor _POR_ (Benfica)
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    [FACES] midnightninja's Faces

    miguel vitor _POR_ (Benfica)
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    [FACES] Faces by edgar 12

    Gaitan (Benfica) Bruno Cesar (Benfica)
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    [INDEX] import / export teams index

    can anyone make Apoel,Viktoria Pilsen and Bate Boisov, the 3 champions league teams,that arent ingame, for xbox?
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    ~DAYMOS OPE ELITE PES2012 /WE2012 Npower & Bundesliga OF~

    please answer annyone...i have the same problem!:crymore:
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    Daymos & OPE Elite PES2012 Option File Xbox360

    could you after make bundesliga and npower make the liga orangina(with madwolf's help?! if he want :D)? please! :)
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    [LEAGUE] The Liga Zon Sagres & Orangina Creation Thread

    um OF pra xbox?..e se sim,vais tambem meter uma nova liga no teu OF ou soo os emblemas certos?
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    Portuguese and Bundesliga option file (XBox annyone gonna make an option file with 2nd portuguese and bundesliga(German)?..if yes,it would be awsome!:tongue:
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    [LEAGUE] The Liga Zon Sagres & Orangina Creation Thread

    ehy..alguem de voces pode-me dizer quais sao os jogadors do benfica vom caras reais? ...e se poderem postem fotos,please! ;)
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    PES2012 National team rosters... revealed yet?

    Benfica squad! please!:huh:
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    Fabresass' Appearance thread

    srry...didn`t see´s good thanks:):happy:
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    Fabresass' Appearance thread

    roberto jimenez-benfica jardel-benfica
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    Daymos Elite PES2011 v3 Bundesliga & Npower Xbox360

    can you make a option file with liga sagres and bundesliga?? that would be amazing...:):happy:
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    do you(wolf) edited players,like C.peixoto(benfica) and nico gaitan...or just put the new players,like jardel,into it? srry for the bad english... :D
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    Faces by chung1972

    jaa...sou obrigado pelo sidnei...:D quais a que ainda tens??:D