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    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    Looks shit as usual
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    Players for MLO'14

    First of all, what is this mlo based on, skill, speed or through balls then we know what types of players to get
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    How to defend against L1 + trangle through ball passes on mlo

    Sometimes they just go through and theres nothing i can do, what should i do? buy faster defenders?
  4. H

    Free-kick glitch in MLO

    Yeah i lost a Final because of this glitch :/
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    Need a good tactic for MLO. I really need it. Info inside

    I dont advice you to play 2 strikers up front. You will be raped in the midtfield war, i myself play a nice 4-3-2-1 formation with one anchor man and 2 creative central midtfielders while my striker is big and strong ala Lukaku, Benteke. :)
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    Why do all players run at the same speed?

    Thats a great thing! Then this game actually makes you play football rather than just hoof your ball to your Speed Merchant and basically run through your opponent defence.
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    Purchase PEs 13 onXbox/PSN Store

    When can you purchase this game on the Xbox/PSN Store?:rolleyes: