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    Is FIFA 06 worth getting once you have played Pro Evo?

    I actually enjoyed this years fifa, wouldnt keep me enteretain till next year though, but the high definition graphics and the sublime commnentary blew me away, nice too see they have adopted the pro evo controls as their "new" system.
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    Talking on xbox live

    rubbish, those you owned pro evo 4 for xbox live will no doubt of bought pro evo 5, and theres a fraction of people available online compared to pro evo 4s launch. Ive got both consoles like a lot of people, and im not willing to buy the network adapter when ive got live.
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    Brackley's Best

    i know if you dont shoot you dont score, yadda yadda yadda. After I missed a sitter from 5 yards. lol
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    Everyone who plays online....

    Dr Evil 2nd, please add me only been able to connect once.
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    Lets hope komani arent this up tight
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    live xbox patch makes it worse!

    remember seeing one guy who had 188 consecutive wins, most probably people quitting because his connection is so bad. Aint looked lately might be more. He cant be that kick ass good as even good players will come a cropper after that many games.
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    live xbox patch makes it worse!

    Mine was isp trouble, rebooted the modem and router and ever since ive had no troubles. Strange how the lag now effects the controls rather than the onscreen graphics. Still get patches when the camera moves and the balls of screen for a second or two.
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    live xbox patch makes it worse!

    well on my first 3 games as client since the patch ive conceded 21 goals! lol. Its been completely unplayable, my players are slow and unresponsive and i may as well put the controller on the floor. Strangely how things have got worse for some people.
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    PES4 XBOX NTSC Version??

    by a new xbox mate, then mod it and change its epprom to pal. Then you can use that on live with the mod off, and also for doing other things.
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    Patch not the first week, but mid-januari

    knock me down with a feather, it might acutally materialise after all
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    Huge PROBLEM with Master League !!!

    no u cheating sod.
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    changing commentary name of non-licensed clubs

    nope, not without patching it on the pc and burning it to dvd.
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    XBOX Live Matches Discussions Thread

    i was 3 nil down so wacked the shoot button as it came to me on the half way line, and it flew in, the keeper dive backwards but was helpless, went much higher than normal long shots.
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    ADSL speed test

    Telewest Downstream 1257 Kbps (157.1 KB/sec) 1357 Kbps (inc. overheads) Upstream 236 Kbps (29.5 KB/sec) 254 Kbps (inc. overheads)
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    live and jerky

    yep i reckon no commentary will help big time as i play someone with it turned off my end goes wacko so it must be using bandwidth when it is turned on.
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    Accepting an invite while in a match

    how many times has your game crashed at a corner or freekick? mines does it then says the opponent has quit, but im pretty sure thats down to connection lost as once it happened i was 4-3 down with 10 to play.
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    Live Refs too soft?

    yep i got hacked down by the keeper on the edge of the box with the goal gaping, not even a yellow.
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    live and jerky

    if this patch ever materialises i will run round my garden naked. I cant see it happening tbh.
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    Online Free Kicks

    the power is harder to gauge if your not the host thats all.
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    Whats Your Win Ratio on Live?

    ah prob is consectutive wins, i thought maybe conceded win.