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    [PS3] (BLES/BLUS/BLAS) 7oy's option file.

    Appreciated Supreme efforts to everyone involved. Top work. :thumbsup:
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    Players for MLO'14

    pesdb will have 2014 stats, it's just in beta. You can access it now, just click the 2013 stats, and change 2013 to 2014 in the URL.
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    Urrgghhh!!! Cheaters get a life!!!!!

    If you think they're cheating, just block them. You never have to play them again. This is a new feature with PES2014.
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    AHH Online Comp Fail

    A similar thing happened to me. I only made it to the semi final but the guy lagged me and I lost and he won. This was MLO. Quite frustrating since it takes over an hour or so of playing to get to that point.
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    Online Match Block list

    WHY THE FUCK CAN WE NOT ADD PEOPLE MANUALLY TO THIS???? WHY IS THERE NO OPTION TO ADD ANYONE FROM MASTER LEAGUE ONLINE??? I'm so fucking pissed. If they only allowed us to add people to the block list ourselves, AT LEAST we could put every cheat we run into in that list and we would be rid of...
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    YET another cheater... I was playing this guy CHECHOSW. Of course he has the wonder team of every superstar. I'm actually up 3-2 with 5 minutes to go. Boom... glitch and the match abandoned with no winner. This is a fucking joke. I reported this fucker to Konami, but I highly doubt...
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    Player match-up issue!

    If it doesn't find anyone near your rating it will expand the search... You could cancel and start the search again and cancel if you don't find anyone relatively quickly, but if no one near your rank is playing then you're SOL.
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    injury proneness

    I've got Parker and the lad is always getting injured...
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    [MLO] View recent match results?

    Is this possible in 2013? In previous iterations you could see the results of your last few matches.
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    Konami has stated that they will ban cheaters. You need to pop them a message on their site along with the time and other info and you can even attach video or screenshots. See the new article on the front of this site discussing it.
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    How to set permanent Camera View, not default

    I usually play in wide, but recently I've been using the vertical camera in MLO and it doesn't default back for me, even quitting the game, powering off etc... so it remembers my camera setting fine. Maybe if you're not using auto-save, make sure to manually save?
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    reset team

    It's far from pointless. I used it after playing about 8 matches in MLO. I sold too many default players and bought a few expensive players. Yeah, no real point of using it once you've built a squad, but it would be much more stupid to not even have the option of resetting your MLO team...
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    Players for MLO'13

    I prefer Nordfelt to Forster (I think that's Ben Foster), but totally agree with Arevalo Rios. The guy is only rated 70/71 as DMF/CMF, but he has the Enforcer and Lunging Tackle cards and is a quality destroyer. AUBAMEYANG is great. Like I mentioned earlier in this thread, he's sort of...
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    Form Arrow indicators

    The form arrows change a lot more drastically in 2013 and after every game. It just seems more random this time. It doesn't seem intuitive, but I prefer it this way. I hated having a player in shit form for weeks.. this way you still have to rotate but players won't rot on the bench.
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    Another year, diferent game, same "cheat"...

    Yeah I just ran into someone last night where he had a much stronger team than mine, yet I held him 0-0 and then scored with 5 minutes to go. Lag... then disconnect. Pissed me off. I couldn't find any way to block people from MLO games. I think it only works with other online match...
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    Players for MLO'13

    P. AUBAMEYANG - this guy is like a mini Neymar. about 1.4m right now and is rated 75 on either side of midfield or 73 on the wings. Like Neymar he can play up top but is better coming from the wing. Similar mane of hair like Neymar too. BRUNO GAMA - about 2m and rated 76 on either side of...
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    what is player id and how does it work?

    It just means special player specific animations.
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    Free kick nightmare!!

    I have to agree that FKs near the box are going in far too easily. At least it's the same for everyone. Sometimes in the series the FKs are fucking impossible, so I guess I'd prefer to have a chance at it.
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    Need a good tactic for MLO. I really need it. Info inside

    It all depends on your players really and personal preference. I tend to play 4-3-3 / 4-2-3-1 with my wingers hugging the touchlines to spread play with quick counter-attacks. I find that playing 3 at the back really leaves you exposed unless you have some quality wingbacks and/or very good...
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    Newbie to MLO - Questions

    1. Players don't age in MLO. They could update player stats with DLC updates however. 2. Play competitions to make the most possible money. If you're around and not using the PS3, set it up to search for Coach mode quick match games, just make sure to set your Game Plan under Tactical so...