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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    Lag quitter on PS3, fati1990... after my 3:0 lead in the 80'minute it started to lag and then the game ended. 0 points for me and he had over 700pts, this is really too much, there are many cheaters on pes online it is time to do something against them, they have no shame and i dont know why...
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    [LIST] The cheating goes on and on...

    the-punisher2503, a ps3 player he has 700 points 80 minute, im leading 3:1 and after the third goal the connection gets worse and the game gets aborted. I lost he won. I'm really tired of such cheaters and noobs they should get banned ASAP
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    [PS3] DFL OptionFile 2011 - 1./2.Bundesliga and Nationalteams

    thanks for the file i installed it and im using it this year too, as always :). But you have a couple mistakes in the transfers (dont be mad about this, it is more a hint to the other OF users :)), you put balotelli and boateng in Tottenham instead of Man.City, Henry and Hleb are in Barcelona...
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    [PS3] DFL OptionFile 2011 - 1./2.Bundesliga and Nationalteams

    Im downloading right now, are the transfers up-to date?
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    [PS3] DFL OptionFile 2011 - 1./2.Bundesliga and Nationalteams

    PLEASE please upload it today!! I have the game a week now and it's brilliant one of the best PES ewer, now i'm waiting for a OF because it's sooo much better to play with a good option file :).. last year i used yours too, perfect OF btw, really good work.
  6. S 2011 Patch - Version 0.2 Released #8/10/10

    thanks, can i use this on my EU version???
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    DFL OF 2010 [EU Version]

    Hallo, wie schaut es mit den National-Manschaften in deinem patch aus? Sind die Home-Away Trikots auch dabei, und sind die Gesichter von zB. Bosnischen, Serbischen usw. Spielern gemacht?
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    Goalgerd & Chimps Prologue Pes2010

    Please, is this compatible with the EU version of PES??? I want this patch :(
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    PC Troubleshooting Thread (PES 2009 FULL GAME ONLY)

    Im getting a error every time i want to play PES online on my PS3 "An error has occurred"??? Can somebody help i want to play online, KONAMI sux!!!
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    Is PES the only next-gen game that doesnt work online

    I hope there will not be lag on PES online! :(
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    Register now to play PES 09 online PC/PS3

    I have my online ID from MGS4, so i can play PES online with it?
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    PES 2009 FULL GAME impressions (including Dundon's from page 5)

    I can´t wait to play the full game i preordered PES on amazon :), but the bad thing is the lag in online playing :( btw. good reviw!