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    General Demo Discussion/Impressions

    :crymore: What's the point of that? Thanks for the quick reply though!
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    General Demo Discussion/Impressions

    Is the demo out for the PC? I've been looking endlessly but I can't find it on the internet.. I even checked the Konami site but no news on it there. Is it out for the PC?
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    Euro DLC

    Has anyone made a Euro 2012 option file with ALL euro teams??? I remember there were some WC option files back in 2010 but things can be different for the PC..
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    Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?

    Thanks!! Just the answer I was looking for. BTW, will I have to pay to unlock this or do I have to unlock some sort of achievement?(I read that I had to play 10 exhibition games?) Thanks!
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    Unofficial - How are you doing in Master League?

    I just started playing this game but I have some questions 1) Can I play with the original teams and not the ML defualt team(with fake + shitty players)?? I tried everything but it seems that I can't.. 2) Is there any way to sim the games like last year? With my current team I know I'm...
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    Daymos OPE ELITE PES2012 v2 (Edu Madrid & MistaRaph)

    Hi downloaded this mod and a quick questions. 1) I downloaded the newest version, do I need the previous version for the most efficient use? The kits are working for me 2) I noticed in my version the player ratings aren't changed and this really ticked me off in the original game. Did you...
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    Option files for 360?

    Hi, I've been looking everywhere for instructions or a guide on how to upload a option file for the XBOX 360. In previous years I did it with the PS3 so is it the same method basically? Will I need to update the game? Can anyone give my some help? Also, what is the best option file for 360 out...
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    Youth teams players, potential?

    I have a couple of questions regarding to the youth team players 1) Will the players rated 40 something ever be decent players? Is it possible that one of them will be a "diamond in the rough"? I'm in my 4th year and the only players in my youth team are players rated in the 40's... 2)...
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    skill card training

    if you put points into the card training the time will decrease.. it's in the training menu screen.. For example I just did a 144 week training session with my LB and after 6 training points it goes down to 24 weeks.
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    New update 2011?

    Dude who cares about boots?? I don't understand people's fascination with cleats, hendbands, players faces, etc.. I want a better gameplay and a better ML. I couldn't give a shit about the new nike
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    Getting ur striker in front of the goal

    Yeah I get the same problem as well. I have a really good tall striker with good heading ability and he's always placed outside the box for penalties.. Also the best thing to do is double cross it in the box.. I have tremendous success and many times the defender will get a own goal as it...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    Your not much of a scorer eh? ;)
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    Damn... 29mil pounds for Gyan is insane but I'm sure he grows. What's his rating? A good buy is Maxi Lopez.. I bought him in season 1 for around 2-3mil(dollars) and he's been a godsend.. Scored 20+ goals in 2/3 seasons so far and is on pace for a 30 or so goal season in the 3rd...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    well I mean to say that they were all products of my youth team. They are currently on my Senior team.. I have a bunch of scrubs and N'fuko on my youth team..
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    I got him from my youth team.. I really struck gold and the funny part is that I only had $5mil invested into my Youth team.. Funny shit Players that I brought up from my youth team Ruskin(67-77) Palermi(82-87) Schmidt(70-76) Minanda(I keep loaning him out, will never amount to anything...
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    How are you doing in Master League?

    I'm currently in the Middle of my 3rd season with Cardiff City(got them promoted and now kicking ass in my 3rd season) My Current team is ----Damjanovic(youth 88)----Maxi Lopez(82) Abengalhor(85)--Kasami(74)----Martinez(84)----Turan(81)...
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    ml best young players?

    I think it's very cheap to sign young players because their market values are so low.. I can buy a bunch of good players for pennuts for the younger players. Anyways players that are great young players: Javi Martinez- I bought him for around 10 mil and he just grows, teams are offering...
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    Master League Tranfers

    you know what the same happens in real life as well.. Look at Real Madrid that team has completely changed since 2005, same with many other big teams.
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    play maker

    Lately I have been playing with a 4-3-3. Having two speedy wingers who can flank the edges and able to cross it in to a forward who is big and a finisher.. My midfield is a typical LM-CM-RM with the occasional AM in there.