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    [Teams] National Teams PES 2017

    Someone have the facebuild of Mauricio Victorino from Uruguay National Team?
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    Faces by bamabravesfan

    Can you do Paulo Machado from Dinamk Zagreb?
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    [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo (PS4)

    Can you do Paulo Machado from Dinamo Zagreb?
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    The PES 2016 Request Thread

    Shakhtar Donestk kits for PS3 Hello friends, I need some help. Someone has the kits of Shakhtar Donetsk for PS3?
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2015/16

    Marcel Hartel from 1.FC Koln Stats?
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    Import /Export Teams PES 2016 PS3 BLES02187

    Could anyone transform these Teams to BLUS? Regards
  7. K

    [EXPORT]PS3 exported teams sharing thread BLES02187

    Could anyone transform these teams to BLUS? Regards
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    Faces by bamabravesfan

    Hello Bamabravesfan, your faces are really great, you can make Nelson Haedo Valdez? regards
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    Faces by King_Jorge

    Hi all! on this subject I will leave my face made ​​in PES 2016. I will not accept orders since I'm just learning to occupy the editor , and it is the first time I try to edit some faces on my own. Eren Derdiyok (Kasımpaşa/Swiss National Team) Skin Color Type 2/+3/+1/+1/-3/-7 Eyes...
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    Faces by bamabravesfan

    Thank you!!!!!!! You have been very well you Romeu; could make Carlos Carmona, who plays for Atalanta and Chile?
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    Faces by bamabravesfan

    Your faces are really good, you can make Oriol Romeu from Southampton?
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    [EXPORT]PS3 exported teams sharing thread BLES02088

    Pandiani, i found in an Italian forum these teams export who have players deleted after the first DLC. The file is BLES and I need someone to make BLUS: c
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    [EXPORT]PS3 Exported Teams for BLUS

    I recently found these export teams containing players deleted after installing the first dlc (Kagawa, Simao, Guilavogui ...) Unfortunately the file is BLES, anyone could make BLUS?
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    The Request Thread

    Hello everyone, i'm new and i have joined recently this great community. Could somebody convert these teams to BLUS? These teams have players deleted after the first DLC as Kagawa, Guilavogui, Simao, Oriol Romeu and others ... would be helpful...
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    [EXPORT]PS3 exported teams sharing thread BLES02088

    Hello Zsolt, ¿can you make a team export with the deleted players after the first dlc? It would be helpful for everyone in general. Greetings ;) Your work is great.
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    [EXPORT]PS3 Exported Teams for BLUS

    Hello everyone, I'm Chilean and I have enough time reading this great forum. Do any of you have a team to import with the faces of the players deleted with the first DLC? (Oriol Romeu, Piazon, Simao, Guilavogui, Pablo Hernández, Kagawa, Jonas ...)