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    [KITS and EMBLEMS] Hrvoje10 Formulas

    Thanks for posting all these, hugely helpful
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    Anyone worried about PES14 already?

    Thanks for that, I'll try and ignore the harsh tone. My point is as far as my personal enjoyment of a football game, the editor that PES has makes a huge difference, I spend more time editing than I do playing. Pure individual preference. Myself and friends have our own method of playing...
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    Anyone worried about PES14 already?

    If he comes back and give us a good editor, plus my beloved offline community mode, I'll offer to make love to him. Fingers are crossed
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    Anyone worried about PES14 already?

    Greetings people, now I'm not going to go off on a moan again about lack of offline modes and PES13, I've come to terms with that now.. well sort of.. ok I'm still bitter but Konami say it's back next year.. the swines.. But anyway.. back to the topic.. Next year is the new engine, which...
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    Offline community?!

    I can only assume Konami don't want to encourage people to have face to face friends, the thought of two controllers on the same system must be a mystery to them. I love this years gameplay, but there are so many problems caused by poor decisions, it's really taken the shine away from the game...
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    Patch details for 11th October / Data pack 2 discussion

    Mine crashed on download at first, then finally after half hour it began downloading.. slowly... very slowly, I think I'm an hour into it, only 64% so far. Heard a rumour original crashes were caused by someone at Konami uploading the wrong file in error, whether it's true or not I don't know...
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    [FACES] Homer S.`s Face Factory (No Requests)

    I'm loving Homers builds and scans, it's pretty top notch stuff. That Koeman is going to slot into my classic Barca team quite nicely. Thanks
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    Statistic-Tool to replace Offline-Community

    Are you sure offline Community mode is coming back? The guys at WinningElevenBlog told me it was only Online Community mode.
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    The PES 2013 "Rage" Thread

    Nearly DLC time, I'm expecting a world of disappointment. In an ideal World, we'd get completely correct transfers, community and league mode, editable copa lib squads (or at least base copyable). I expect none of these things.. Jon Murphy has disappeared too (although I know he got a lot of...
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    [FACES] Homer S.`s Face Factory (No Requests)

    Homer your faces are insanely good. I won't make any requests I'm sure you'll continue creating stuff that I will use on my game. Personal favourite was your Paul Breitner. Top man.
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    The PES 2013 "Rage" Thread

    Let's have a brilliant idea, we'll license the Copa Libertadores... and the best thing is.. you can't do anything with any of the players!! Hahahah!! You can't transfer, base copy, edit... anything.. And we continue to excel ourselves.. we can't license many teams.. so for fun.. we'll make...
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    No league mode in pes this year

    Didn't even realise this until I just tried setting up the Annual Community League, the best bit about Pro Evo for me and my mates. A nice little ongoing tournament for beery nights in, gone for no reason at all. I can't bring myself to bust out a spreadsheet to record stats, and fatigue...
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    [KITS] Peda69's Classic kits 3.0 (No Requests Until Further Notice)

    Hey Peda, big admirer of your work, not really been a forumer as all my wants have been found by you guys on here. Got a little request if you can, apologies if this is already done somewhere, I did check but could only find the Napoli shirt from an earlier era. It's the Napoli kits from...