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    [BLUS31029] SammyGunner11's PES2013 PS3 Option File [US Version]

    Great work on the file much appreciated. There's just one issue. When I play Master League naturally I started out in D2. The problem is that almost all the teams have the same emblems! Can't something be done because it gets pretty boring after a while.
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    4 out of 5 games tonight were lag quitters. Twice I was up 3-0. It's fucking ridiculous! Worst part is you can tell from their stats that they will quit if they're losing but you can't do shit about it. There needs to be a report button. Someone needs to check up on this shit from Konami.
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    problem trying online with friends overseas

    You can't play across versions.
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    Need Boots Conclusion

    I played with inter and most players I bought (Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Hummels, etc.) come with their own boots which you can use whenever you feel like it.
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    Steven Gerrard! AMAZING Free Kick (PESDEMO)

    How are you playing with PSG (Ibrahimovic) and Barcelona? I thought the demo only had Italy-Portugal-Germ-Eng-Flam-etc.??
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    [BLES01408] OF Classic Team by giomarino and Iceman8marco

    On which region exactly does this game work on? Region 2? I have the US version and copied all the files and nothing happened. I need to know which disc this works on exactly and where can I get one online since Im in the US. Appreciate your help but really need to know which region? Does work...