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    Define: Scripting

    I can assure you this is absolutely NOT how things are programmed in a game! There are no scripts from which to choose from and that AI runs out of them is a fantasy. And the "number of outcomes" is truly infinite even if the game "feels" scripted. It is actually programmed as a mathematical...
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    Master league skill level! Need advice!?!?

    Pretty much my experience too on pro. I am suddenly stuck in the middle of the table in D1 no matter what I do. If I qualify for EL then players are tired and I place even lower next season. The difficulty is messed up with interceptions being too good from AI. I switched to regular and 1 loss...
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    Feel so darn powerless

    Unfortunately no. I also thought that I might be pushing my stick in the wrong direction before during or after the shot so it goes wrong. Common scenario you run down across the field and along the goal line towards the right post and not releasing or changing direction of the stick shoot. whoa...
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    Feel so darn powerless

    Not at all! There is such things as probability in math. There is some uncertainty in the angle and speed when a player hits the ball and it is/should be programmed in. The odds of scoring longer distance shot are naturally lower due to many factors. This years probabalistic model is either made...
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    Tip for controlled shots

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    Feel so darn powerless

    How the fk can you argue that shooting is 'ok' in the latest pes??? It is absolutely a disaster. Can anyone of you masters explain to me why often I shoot into the right top corner and I get amazingly beautiful goal but into the left to corner? did I press wrong buttons or what? If I screwed...
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    Master League Difficulty

    The same here. Playing ML on professional. I finished 6h last season (5th) in D1 right after promotion and was really excited about it. Now after half season I am at 9th place and losing tons of games. It feels like it will barely become any better since my team is almost 90 on all parameters...
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    why/how did you broke layout?

    Ok. At least I drew your attention. Sorry that you dont like my attitude. I dont really care about this website so no point telling it is only me. We don't tell our customers it is their problem if our software breaks down.
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    why/how did you broke layout?

    Just to make it more clear. It was absolutely fine about 2 weeks ago. Remember to login as a regular user and not an admin. You probably don't see all this sh t load of ads, which probably screwing this up.
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    why/how did you broke layout?

    I dont fkn using any skin. I am not a tester for you to post screenshots, but I am telling you if you just go to forum pages on this web site in ANY BROWSER you should see all these problems. I am typing reply message with reply window overlaying our messages. THIS : Uploaded with...
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    My HUGE PES2012 v FIFA12 analysis

    have you mods noticed that the forum layout is broken? I try reply/quote and get reply window on top of text. Whats up with that? yep it is in all browsers
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    why/how did you broke layout?

    How did you manage to mess the forum layout? Everything is misaligned and reply window is on top of the text of the tread making it unusable. I tried in firefox, ie, opera and chrome.
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    Master league skill level! Need advice!?!?

    I agree with .Lee. about choosing difficulty. I am playing on professional after abandoning regular ML after 3 seasons. It was extremely hard to survive first 2 seasons in D2. I just got promoted after my 4th season and my team is quite competitive with AI now. Just try to survive first 2...
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    The Computer cheats- official

    Ok another example. I had the most important game of the season to qualify to D1. I had shots(shots on target) 11(4) and comp had 2(2). Guess the result, yes I was leading 1:0 and it ended 1:2 I stay in D2. It looks like it is programmed to keep your tension on. I always hang around 2-3d...
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    Unexplained errors with ML

    You probably should not ask questions about bugs in some shady patches over here.
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    Master league skill level! Need advice!?!?

    Welcome to the club of D2 losers. I got fired on pro once. I restated on regular and qualified to D1 after 2d season and I won championship in D1 the next season. I then restated on pro again and survived 2 seasons and playing my 3d in hopes to finish 3d, but I am not sure if AI will allow me...
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    Fatigue bugged?

    Also I find the irritating thing in ML is that players get way way more tired from international games than from fixture games.
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    Improvements and Problems in PES 2012

    I think "scripting" or as I see it these surges of high/extreme pressure from cpu are fine, but it has to be toned down significantly and they should make it more sophisticated. It should not be endless through entire match as if cpu decided to win no matter what. It does win because of that...
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    PES 2012 toughest yet?

    I do not play on superstar because it is too hard, but even on pro I am still struggling to get to D1 after 2 seasons in ML. It is uber hard for me in D2 even with players in 70s and some 80s. This caliber is still not high enough to compensate for AIs higher then actual stats. Their 60s are...
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    PES 2012 toughest yet?

    You champions should try ML offline with a default squad to see how you would be erased on your superstar. I don't mind to playing even on amateur if it is challenging, but with pes2012 the gap between regular and pro levels is too wide. Regular is too easy and pro is too hard.