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    PES 2012 Glitches

    did u use pesedit patch?? i also have the same problem when loading my saved tactic..
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    [PC] 2012 Patch 2.1 - Released! #08/11/11 (Mediafire links)

    Don't care about who's the one is pesedit team or not.. but everyone who help other people by sharing this, should had a "thanks"
  3. A 2012 Patch 1.3 - MEDIAFIRE

    I only have PESEDIT patch 1.0, do i need to install the 1.1 & 1.2 or only 1.3?? thanks.
  4. A 2011 Patch 4.0 - The New Season - Released! #12/08/11 - Directlinks

    Already finished downloading & applying to the pes2011, really a great patch, but can anyone update the option file maybe for transfer update?? Thanks
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    Manos + EduMadrids Bundesliga and N power Championship V 1.0

    Hi dude, what base BLESS that exactly your making?
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    Sorry to hear that.. but your really make a great patch.. will wait until your ready to release the new update.. :) hope you get a new PS3 soon..
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    No dude... that's the fix when the patch was release. had and error when u start a new LEAGUE, now, after the fix... New LEAGUE it's all ok.. but the error was change to when starting a New CUP..
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    I have another error... Community Mode... now freeze when you start a new CUP. also what reef kits did u use??? why the reff had a CSKA Mos at their pocket?
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    PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 PATCH FILES [NEW]

    Hi bro already done with downloading your fantastic pacth.. everything looks fine.. but i have some problem what i just realize. 1. I have 2 Bayer Munchen & 2 Werder Bremen, which one is in PES League (bundesliga) and the some team also in other league. 2. When to transfer for national.. i see...
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    XBOX 360/PS3 Faces by Moss

    Hallo brad.. what a great face.. i just want to ask something, if your file is bigger than the original. so i have to use AFS Exp instead GGS.. than rebuild AFS (IMG).. i'm i right?? thanks.
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    Face Scans By Mighty__Mag

    Hi Bro.. could you please try make indonesian player... Irfan Bachdim Kim...
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    PES 2011 Stats Thread

    Can Somebody write El Shaawary stat & face???
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    Bolloxmasta's pes2011 patch *ps3* released

    Hi Bro, it is work with Bless 1022?? Thx
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    [PS3] DFL OptionFile 2011 - 1./2.Bundesliga and Nationalteams

    HI all, Can somebody give me other link for DFL Stadium Pack?? Thanks..
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    DANY'S OF PATCH Season 2010/2011

    Hi Koplo, AFAIK this is not an patch, this just a option file, file that u put on your memory card. use Flash Disk with ARMAX.
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    (Question)Patch for PESM

    u can use DKZ studio & Game Grap Studio.. u can find on download section
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    PESM Cheat (easy way to get player)

    just an ads.... if u want to see a great player like Totti play with Wigan... coz u cant buy totti or give him the salary he want with Wigan on PESM