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    Full backs

    My attacking fullbacks just sit and refuse to push up past my inside forwards. Any ideas?
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    It's the same fucking commentary. Seriously Konami?
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    how soul draining is jim beglin

    "More and more and more and more". How can we change the language, or get some sort of update? It's actually beginning to ruin the game for me.
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    how soul draining is jim beglin

    I know PES is well known for awful commentary but I'm pretty sure this has to be the worst version for it. It's mind numbing.
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    PES 2017 GFX Mod v1.0

    All these links are terrible. It's all malware and viruses.
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    MyPES 2017 Patch v0.1 (English Premier League)

    Can't get this to work. I put the wepes file into my pes 2017 steam folder and nothing happens.
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    Tackling is just non existent. And trying to defend the edge of your own box, or trying to stop a player turn inside and slot it into the corner without you being too far away is just so hard it's ridiculous. And even if you do finally decide to step up to close that player down before he...
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    December DLC/patch?

    Any patch notes? Seems to have fixed my lag input in single player
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    Input Lag

    So nobody has had this issue and managed to fix it?
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    Input Lag

    Any advice? Amd 7970 Tried forcing vsync on and off. It worked once, I took a break from the game for a couple of weeks, came back and it's laggy again. This game..
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    Game lagging

    Any fix for the laggy, low frame rate drop in game? Radeon7970 8gig i52500k win7
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    Modifying attack/defend during play?

    Have these options been taken out for PC? I can't find anywhere to set up defensive line or compactness.
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    Oh my God pc version...

    Wow, did they even bother with the PC version?
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    Oh my God pc version...

    Where are the graphics options for PC? I can't find anything. All I can find is resolution and a low/medium/high option.
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    How do you skill?

    Been wondering about skills myself so any more info would be great. Also, how do you knock the ball ahead of yourself when sprinting in this version? And how the hell do you change the position of your defensive line? There just doesn't seem to be an option for it.
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    Skill moves PES15

    43 views and nobody knows? Okay. Does anybody have a link to some sort of tutorial? Thanks.
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    Skill moves PES15

    So how do you set up and perform skill moves? Thanks
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    I doubt anybody cares but maybe somebody that matters will read this and take some sort of mental note at how crap this new version of PES is and how badly it needs to be improved upon. Anyway, after reading a multitude of threads for help (like this one) and putting in many hours of...
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    Constructive Comments/Feedback On Updated PES14 Nov 16th

    Games a mess. Uninstalled after a lot of hours to try and make sense of it. Too much button bashing and super dextrous finger movement required (even to take a long shot ffs). Hopefully next year they will tone down the button bashing and get back to basics.
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    So basically you can't just hit a shot that's well timed and sat up perfectly, or isn't stuck under your feet and is begging to be hit, without pressing a multitude of buttons to score long rangers anymore. Appreciate the advice but damn, this game really is dying. And knocking it out of your...