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  1. MikeyM24

    PES 2018 - Ideas / Suggestions thread.

    Updated original post for PES 21. Seems a lot of the original suggestions in this thread are still relevant today.
  2. MikeyM24

    Things that annoy me of pes..

    Commentary - specifically Jim Beglin's reading of the lines. Peter Drury is actually ok for the most part.
  3. MikeyM24


    To be honest it went downhill from "Hi I'm Chris James, the sun is out and the wind is shooting through the stadium"
  4. MikeyM24

    Can't edit player face with preset face anymore

    I suspect Konami are now having to adhere to strict image rights clauses like EA had been for years. This really could be the death knell of editing players already in the game.
  5. MikeyM24

    [INFO] PES 2018 Banners

    Please feel free, I think they fit the 15 limit.
  6. MikeyM24

    [INFO] PES 2018 Banners

    Can you add digits this time? I can revise a lot of the Premier League teams if so.
  7. MikeyM24

    In game editing options exactly the same.

    Just watched a youtube walkthrough of PES18's kit creator - looks like exactly the same kit options, names and number fonts. Disappointing.
  8. MikeyM24

    Learn how to make kits?

    The thing I do (just for personal use - not for upload as I'm using other people's work) is to find a kit that's close to the one I'm trying to create, and then try and alter it (often by combining parts of different kits using cut and paste) then you can paint out and copy in things such as...
  9. MikeyM24

    [INFO] PES 2018 Banners

    Yeah, you have to get creative. Also I really wish they'd allow digits. Actually I wish they'd allow us to import images again.
  10. MikeyM24

    [INFO] PES 2018 Banners

    Premier League suggestions Arsenal : Gooners, North Bank, Invincibles, Gunners Bournemouth: Cherries, Christchurch Reds, Cherry Army Brighton: Seagulls, Sussex Blues, Albion Burnley: Dyche Army, We hate Rovers, Claret and blue Chelsea: Champions, London Pride, Lions, Terry Legend Crystal...
  11. MikeyM24

    [INFO] PES 2018 Teams Rival

    Chelsea's rivals are Arsenal, Fulham and Tottenham. United have traditional rivalries with Liverpool, City and Leeds. You could argue Chelsea in third now because of the Jose connection, but any time United and Leeds meet (like in the cups) is still pretty ferocious.
  12. MikeyM24

    Just tried the demo, absolutely awful. Adam Batti is a con

    Only thing I've noticed (thanks to TheTrueBrits mentioning it) is the frequency of outside of the foot passing - and the absence of fouling / freekicks. Aside from that, it's a good (ahem) evolution, of PES17 which was a perfectly fine game in most respects. The major area EA beat Konami in...
  13. MikeyM24

    PES 2018 News And Rumours

    Here's the video.
  14. MikeyM24

    PES 2018 News And Rumours

    From Youtube videos, it doesn't look like there's much - if any change in the edit mode, in terms of player appearance, hair and facial hair options. I would assume the same for the in game kit editing, but I haven't seen any videos. Shame that we're stuck with the same skin tone options again...
  15. MikeyM24

    PES 2018 News And Rumours

    Think sadly I was a victim of a hoax - the below video I've just found shows it's not changed - BUT it does show the new Village Road stadium.
  16. MikeyM24

    PES 2018 News And Rumours

    Looks like Stade Saggitaire has been re-profiled from a youtube video I saw. Looks more like a US style stadium with curved roof stands.
  17. MikeyM24

    [TRANSFERS] Summer Transfers 2017-2018

    And minutes after I say that, he has in fact gone to Valencia on loan. Carry on!!
  18. MikeyM24

    [TRANSFERS] Summer Transfers 2017-2018

    Andreas Pereira is still at Manchester United.
  19. MikeyM24

    PES 2018 Blank Template (Without seams) 2048 x 2048

    Do you think that converting the 2016/17 pngs will take too much? Obviously the collar would be the major issue I'd guess. If the kits are relatively easy to update, then we'll still have most of the back catalogue created to use - meaning most 2017/18 season kits for at least the bigger clubs...
  20. MikeyM24

    The "In game" Number font thread.

    Nice, and yes we do.