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  1. Cadbury

    D&B Elite Option File Version 1,2&3 (Xbox 360)

    I'm trying to put this on my new Xbox 360 Slim 250gb but having no luck with updates or anything like that. Can someone help me?
  2. Cadbury

    PES 2008 for Wii; post friend codes here.

    Go to, there's a thread there with quite a few eager americans.
  3. Cadbury

    PES 2008 for Wii; post friend codes here.

    I was talking about human players, can hardly turn up the difficulty on them :P
  4. Cadbury

    PES 2008 for Wii; post friend codes here.

    1676-3643-7256 Game just came out in Europe, had it for about 5 hours and I've won my past 8 matches, no real challenges. I think people are having trouble mastering the controls, quite easy to exploit mistakes. I'm looking for real challenges, dare I say I want to be beaten, because right now...
  5. Cadbury

    Where is the attack/defence settings?

    When on formation settings how do you change a players attack arrow, the way they run when attacking and same goes for the defence. Can someone explain where these are I've searched everywhere, please tell me exactly where it is. Thanks.
  6. Cadbury

    PES 2008 > the Pros and Cons

    Better commentary? You saying Jon Champion and Mark Lawrenson are a better duo than Peter Brackley and Trevor Brooking? And not only that, everytime I start a game Jon Champion goes "They've had extra training sessions, they may have complained but it might pay off, the manager is a real...
  7. Cadbury

    Just a PES Punter's Review

    Regardless of my specs and whatever else, the game is not worth a 30 brick as Mat said. I don't care about graphics and realism in games, realism means closer to life and life is boring. PES may be suffering the same fate as something like Need For Speed or one of those generic car game series...
  8. Cadbury

    Just a PES Punter's Review

    I may have some dodgy version of the PC version but if it is aything like the real, supposing mine is dodgy, then what a waste of time, effort and money. Goalkeepers are shite and can't hlod the ball, get a shot on target and it'll probably go in. Numerous times from corners the keeper will...
  9. Cadbury

    Track locations on o sound for we10

    How do you edit it? I'm trying to use AFS Explorer but the files are .adx, do you convert from mp3, need help. Thanks.
  10. Cadbury

    Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu

    Anyone of you uncultured Sony/Microsoft fans ever play Secret of Mana? One of, if not, the best RPG in the history of gaming, certainly revolutionised RPGs that's for sure. Any of the series for that matter: Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3 or Secret of Evermore. Just be interesting to know out...
  11. Cadbury

    The Best Resident Evil?

    How many of you having voted actually played all the games? That would be an interesting poll. I voted for RE2, I have my reasons. But the REmake should have more votes than that I think, one the most unappreciated games in the gaming world.
  12. Cadbury

    Anyone getting PES:DS?

    There was a thread a while back, huge debate about the Wii and PS3 and stuff, there's my evidence if I could be bothered finding it. And I apologise if this has already been done before.
  13. Cadbury

    PES6: The Debate

    No matter how much you complain or don't like the game or how much it annoys you when your opponent will do the fartiest shot ever and your keeper will act as if he's been shot and they score due to appauling AI on the goalkeepers, you're going to play this until the next installment of PES...
  14. Cadbury

    Anyone getting PES:DS?

    This is one of the most anti-Nintendo sites I know, so I ask the question anyway. Anyone getting or even contemplating getting PES: DS?
  15. Cadbury

    I need a tactician...

    PES6 PC version is what I play on. And got the game today and great and everything, but the tactics bit is really annoying me now.I'll explain, my formation is 4-4-2. Regular back four and front two but my midfield is different I have like 2 defensive and 2 attacking, king of like the diamond...
  16. Cadbury

    Football Manager 2007 [PC]

    Does anyone think that Football Manager is shit? Because I sure do. It's just a spreadsheet with a load of data, where's the fun!? The only manager game that was good was the 97/98 one. These new ones are crap, I wish I could put up more of an argument against it but I can't because that's all...
  17. Cadbury

    PES 6 terrible stuttering problems,unplayable

    Thanks, gonna go get it now.
  18. Cadbury

    PES 6 terrible stuttering problems,unplayable

    I have a Radeon 9200 and I'm going to buy the game sometime today, will the stuttering be there, does anyone know? And if so does that crack thing help?
  19. Cadbury

    forget pes3 get a 360

    To the dick head a few replies above, can't be bothered quoting it, it's not too big or anything, just full of shit. Try expanding your gaming beyond PES and racing games that are so realistic that they've become boring, not that I thought they were good in the first place. Ever heard of E3...
  20. Cadbury

    forget pes3 get a 360

    Yeah, £550 is a great price compared to Nintendo's $150-$250 price tag. And Sony are making a loss on them and Nintendo will be making profits, oh the irony.