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    Pesgalaxy Patch 2014 2.60 PC

    Fileloader again ? stupid switches than do nothing ? new gimicks and what not ? can't somebody just do the world a favour,correct names, emblems and kits and be done with it ? Miss pesedit who stopped their reasonable work ! No thanks
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    PES 2013 vs 2014, the future ahead of us.

    PES2013, when compared to 2014 is just a rigid piece of stone; Unrealistic (2006) ball physics Rigid wooden players(robots) from Amiga 64 age Awful turfs and lightening Rocket shooting even by worst players (very arcadish, making people love pes6 till today) PES2014 is definitely the...
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    Latest patch 1.07 is out. Thoughts?

    You migrated from PC to PS3 for a better performance ? wow. I wonder what PC specifications you migrated from ! To run PES2014 you need a PC from 2009 onward
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    Official Patches - AI question

    No original, 1.01 was released the same day or a day after game release. No one played 1.00 more than the first day they got the game.
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    Official Patches - AI question

    honestly speaking I couldn't find much of a difference between the versions, but for some reason I liked 1.01 gameplay more than 1.06.
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    Official Patches - AI question

    You mean 1.01,1.04 and 1.06 Fileloader by Jenkey (with fixes) and 1.01 was the smoothest experience in my opinion. You can find 1.01 faked as 1.06 to play with DLC3. 1.06 has better shotting. 1.04 is crap.
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    2.0 and OF

    OF based on game DLC 1 is not compatible with DLC2. Everything will be messed up if you do.
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    Winning Eleven 2014

    The version you talk about is not the Winning Eleven 2014 released on Nov. 14th. It's the same as PES2014, and was released the same time in September. The one released in Nov. 2014 is for Japan only, and for PS3 and Xbox only.
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    Quick question about DLC 2.0

    If you want to "enjoy" you need the patch only. The patch does change the gameplay. The DLC adds the new content like faces, boots etc. For the PC version, the new patch fucked up the gameplay, We have to "enjoy" something else now.
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    PEStyles it's nice to see smart people like you who always try to learn and find solutions for everything instead of sitting all day moaning and complaining. Can't wait for the DLC on PC ! Kudos buddy !
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    Can I play PES 2014 with PS4?

    It was rumored the you can steam some PS3 games into PS4, not sure if PES 2014 is one of those games. For the moment, treat it as you can't.
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    Your expectations for the forthcoming patch

    No, in a good PC PES2014 runs fine, on a GOOD PC that is. It has glitches of course but not as bad as I see here from PS3 users. those "some PC players" are either on laptops or 2005 specification PCs.
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    PES2014 Problem with controllers

    Those dual controllers are buggy to begin with. I know that from a previous experience. If you use single controller times 2 and they don't work then you have an issue.
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    Crashes during replays

    See system requirements.
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    to KONAMI pls FIX Slow Gameplay issues on PS3 !!

    And your hardware is ?
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    No Link Feints PES 2014 PC? Please help

    No help needed. You can't do that in pes2014.
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    to KONAMI pls FIX Slow Gameplay issues on PS3 !!

    In training it's faster that's because there's no crowd on the stand which they made it high resolution this year. PS3 just can't handle the complex crowd konami did this year.Poor optimization and/or game platform showing its old age.
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    Game Start problem

    Uninstall the game then reinstall it. It could be a problem with some Windows dependencies like Visual C++ or Framework. Check for DirectX 9 update too. Check also if your antivirus is blocking the game exe.Either you disable the active virus control or make exception for pes2014.exe
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    spanish commentary question / PS3 online

    Yeah, though the OP was asking about the PS3 version.
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    spanish commentary question / PS3 online

    Everything can exist in PC version.