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  1. SemiSilesian

    No Master League till 2023.

    There is a nice Mod for PC-Version included national Teams and Leagues-but no chance for editing.
  2. SemiSilesian

    Version 2.0 Wishlist?

    Enough Leagues for Offline playing WM Mode Editor Dream League and/or master League doesn´t interest me
  3. SemiSilesian

    PES 2022 (PS5)

    Wanting: Face import as easy as kits and logos A few new leagues like Hungary,Iceland,Dutch 2nd Division and V-League A few more National teams like DR Kongo and Gabun,so that we can play Africa Cup of Nations Video Ref decisions new turf like artificial grass and cinders (a turf in German...
  4. SemiSilesian

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Thanks a lot for helping me :)
  5. SemiSilesian

    Data Pack 5.0 coming ?

    I´ve found a video on youtube where a datapack 5.0 was announced. I don´t understand cause its in portuguese language but i see that there will be at least 4 new teams for brazilian league B.
  6. SemiSilesian

    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    No,he isn´t in Parma Squad and also not in my free agents. I´ve done live update yesterday and i have digital version of this game. I have a lot of free agents f.e. Kompany,but Pelle is missing. It would be very nice if someone could upload Parma squad with Pelle included.
  7. SemiSilesian

    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    I haven´t G.Pelle (Shandong Luneng Taishan) in my game. He isn´t in this team and also not transferred to Parma. Have somebody saved him to free agents and can upload this file ?
  8. SemiSilesian

    Data Pack 3 coming ?

    It would also be nice we´ll get fully licenced kits for Nacional Funchal from Liga NOS with DLC 3.0
  9. SemiSilesian

    Data Pack 3 coming ?

    Hello I´ve found on Youtube a video where a man annouce a new Data Pack,which should be coming at 3rd December. He ist talking in portuguese language and he shows a picture with Pedro Geromel from Gremio. Geromel has a present face there which he actually hasn´t. Would be very good news
  10. SemiSilesian

    eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE

    Yes,penalties are very rarely in PES. And this isn´t new in PES 21,we´ve had the same problem also in older versions. Would be nice Konami can change this in future
  11. SemiSilesian

    Lost players

    We can import kits an logo´s to the game. Why we can´t import faces ? I hope that Komani will allow us to do that in near future.
  12. SemiSilesian

    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    I think he was in the Game before DLC 2.0 He was member of team Cruzeiro.
  13. SemiSilesian

    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    Fred (Cruzeiro) > Fluminense (#9) Has anyone saved him before DLC 2.0 ? I´ve forgotten to save him,so he´s missing. I want him back cause he has a preset face
  14. SemiSilesian

    [Faces] Base Copy Players

    You´re right-the name of this player is Todd Cantwell and i think that this will be a good choice
  15. SemiSilesian

    Data Pack 2 Info

    I remember that there is a japanese Goalie named Schmidt. ;) He plays for Sint Truiden and for Japanese National Squad.
  16. SemiSilesian

    Data Pack 2 Info

    The four to Spanish Second Division promoted teams haven´t real logo and uniforms yet.
  17. SemiSilesian

    [Faces] Base Copy Players

    Most of Base Copy Players from PES 2020 we can simply base copy too this version. :) I haven´t tested all players from PES 2020,but the following players can we base copy like this G.Maripan (Monaco/Chile NT) - Garay (Valencia) T.Elyounoussi (Norway NT) - Goltz (Gimnasia La Plata) M.Vina...
  18. SemiSilesian

    Reusing PES2020 edits in PES2021

    If this would be working with f.e. old PES 2020 Palmeiras file it would be great to transfer it so simple into PES 2021. I know that Felipe Melo had a preset face in PES 2020 and Palmeiras isn´t licensed in PES 21. But i think that is impossible to get files working with old preset faces which...
  19. SemiSilesian

    Reusing PES2020 edits in PES2021

    Cause i don´t know how your "P2 sheet" method works,so i did it like Frank Sinatra: "I did it my way" ;)
  20. SemiSilesian

    Reusing PES2020 edits in PES2021

    For me the following steps are working: 1. export a team with fake players from PES 2021 2. open .TED-Editor in two different browsers 3. copy player ID- files from PES 2021 file into a PES 2020 .ted file 4. save it as an ingame file for PES 2021.