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  1. Scarface

    Good defender

    Hopefully, he'd have made his choice by now. This thread is almost 3 years old.
  2. Scarface

    Forum Rules Discussion

    Only staff members and banned users can see that forum area. Having done a quick search, I can recall it being more than that. You made a few completely pointless posts in threads from over a year old, and then made around 12 consecutive spam posts in a football forum thread (majority of...
  3. Scarface

    Forum Rules Discussion

    There is a banned users section that you can post in, to explain yourself.
  4. Scarface

    Changing thread name

    I've edited it. If you ever need a thread title changed, PM an Admin and they'll do it for you.
  5. Scarface

    Xbox 360

    Received a new replacement console today after sending mine for repairs (3 red lights) a few weeks ago, and 2 months free subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Has anyone that owns one of the new models had any problems with their console, as i've heard they are much less likely to suffer from...
  6. Scarface

    Assassin's Creed [PC/360/PS3]

    Yeah, I don't expect this to be the last time. I was pissed off when it first happened and felt like smashing the thing, but if it happens again, i'll be livid, especially if I get another moron on the phone that can't speak English. Only positive is the free repair, but still a pain in the...
  7. Scarface

    Assassin's Creed [PC/360/PS3]

    About 3 weeks now. When I originally rang they said it would be returned within 20 days, but I couldn't manage to deliver it to UPS within 7 days before the label expired, and the next time I called, they said it would be within 25 working days. Aslong as this doesn't happen again, I won't...
  8. Scarface

    Assassin's Creed [PC/360/PS3]

    I'm not usually into Stealth games, but that looked incredible. The hardware failure on my 360 happened at the very worst time. So many good games coming out at the moment :angry: They better return it during the week.
  9. Scarface

    WWE SmackDown! VS RAW 2008

    Have they sorted out the countering system? I used to prefer playing single player to multiplayer, as countering was so easy, it became a counter-into a counter-into another counter-countered again, and again, against human players. The AI wasn't strong enough to make it enough of a challenge...
  10. Scarface

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [PC/360/PS3]

    I didn't realise it was going to be released so soon. When Microsoft finally return my 360, i'll be picking this up immediately. It looks tremendous.
  11. Scarface

    Which PES tickles your fancy

    Pro Evo 4. I still play it to this day. It's a pain to keep updating, but the gameplay was fantastic.
  12. Scarface

    PES 2008 The Verdict: Hit or Miss?

    The admins here aren't such PES fanboys that they'd rig a poll to try to put PES 2008 in a positive light. In fact, I know that at least a couple of the admins are disappointed with the new game. For the benefit of your curiosity, here are the voters... Hit - .Toon2211* 7ames BigDogXXX...
  13. Scarface

    best goalkeeper?

    They always seem to make Van der Sar like superman. I always lower his stats, but it doesn't change much. I've lost count of the amount of times he's frustrated me when facing Man Utd or (in the past) Holland.
  14. Scarface

    best goalkeeper?

    When I faced Barcelona with Arsenal yesterday, it seemed so. Kneed a poor effort from Eboue into the goal late on, and let a Van Persie shot in, when he really should have pushed it to safety, but unfortunately that seems to be the case with several keepers. Lehmann, surprisingly, hasn't made...
  15. Scarface

    best goalkeeper?

    After the AC Milan v AS Roma match I had earlier, I can safely say it's not Dida. :mellow: Iker Casillas is the best goalkeeper I have come up against so far.
  16. Scarface

    PES 2008 The Verdict: Hit or Miss?

    I've only had the PC version for a few days, and at the moment i'm undecided. The fact i'm having to play the game on 'Low Quality' settings due to my computer being low on memory at the moment, meaning no crowd, worse graphics and below-average colour is affecting my view of the game. I've...
  17. Scarface

    PS3 vs Xbox 360

    The 360's catalogue of games is far superior right now. In fact, the only great PS3 exclusive I can think of is Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Microsoft have had the advantage of having their console on the market for longer, and as you mentioned, the PS3 is a more powerful machine, but I would...
  18. Scarface

    The Official Metal Gear Solid Thread

    There is, but I think it's better to keep them separate, and save the overall discussion of the series for this thread, and new content and discussion of MGS4 in the other. I thought the characters in MGS3 were quite shit. Solid Snake so totally pwns Naked Snake, faggot. :wave: I think...
  19. Scarface

    The Official Metal Gear Solid Thread

    Yep, i'll be getting a PS3 almost purely for the purposes of playing MGS4. I've been very impressed with the trailers for the game - should be quality. I don't think the original MGS will ever be beaten in terms of storyline, voice acting and the main characters, however.
  20. Scarface

    The Official Metal Gear Solid Thread

    Poll added. Has to be this man... "Not yet, Snake. It's not over yet!" Best game villain ever. :cool: I've been playing MGS again in the last week, and it still remains my favourite game of all time. I liked MGS2 and 3, but I hope MGS4 takes more of the elements from MGS1.