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  1. considine46

    Hey Barry,just wondered if you are playing RDR?

    Hey Barry,just wondered if you are playing RDR?
  2. considine46

    Transfer Negotiation Tips

    Hi Yami-Naruto,ive got a level 5 scout on manual negotations.Ive got money and last year won champions league and league.Im struggling to sign Bendtner,Benzema etc.Can i adjust the transfer fee or wages to lure these players?I notice you can see how long the players have on thier contract but...
  3. considine46

    Simply youth you'll probably ever see

    WTF!Please tell me he has keeper skills of 48!Im in my third year of ML (with level 5 youth)and not had anything like this!Tell you what tho,i bet he still drops fierce shots to the feet of the nearest attacker!
  4. considine46

    Hey Barry,amongst a lot of things im missing those snack bars in the NL!You lucky man!

    Hey Barry,amongst a lot of things im missing those snack bars in the NL!You lucky man!
  5. considine46


    Hi there,enjoy and get stuck in!
  6. considine46

    What has happened...

    If anything im loving this game more and more everyday as i understand all the new pieces with some old parts.Dont think you can say that of FIFA 10
  7. considine46

    What has happened...

    Well having bought FIFA 10 and having players dissapear into thin air on MM i ditched it.Maybe you should go to a EA sports forum and talk FIFA up if you arent happy with PES.We cant talk about next years game just yet
  8. considine46

    Your best signing so far?

    By unlocking players by winning the Europa league and Premiership B.Laudrup became available as a free agent!Hes 25 and has speed of 92 AWESOME! Which was nice!
  9. considine46

    Signing non-recommended players?

    Id recomend if you havent already upgrading your scout to a level 5 in August.You get players a lot cheaper,can negotiate with upto 5 players and reports come through in 2 weeks.The only players i have trouble with now are ones that are happy at thier club with long contracts.Its bide your time...
  10. considine46

    Some players from clubs are missing?

    Hes on the master league 3rd hidden sheet.Ive unlocked all players but sheet 1,which you get from winning UEFA champions league. The third sheet is one of the first i unlocked,and i started my PES this year by unlocking classic teams by winning the world cup with each one. I cant say which...
  11. considine46

    Staff upgrades-have you tried it yet?

    Ive now managed to get all my staff upto level 5,bar the fan club which is now on 4 because i overspent! Its definately improved the players attitude as a few people have already said,the arrows are mostly red.Even players with a 3 for Form manage more blue arrows than purple now!I think if you...
  12. considine46

    PES 2010 Update Out Thursday?

    One game at a time on PES!I admire and envy your willpower.I cant manage without PES and have withdrawal pains when at work!
  13. considine46

    Staff upgrades-have you tried it yet?

    Thanks for that Yami naruto,makes sense now! Has anybody had any of these super youths in thier youth team?I notice some ML made up superstars like Palmieri,Schwarz etc.Is it just these type of players that turn up in there,or are there some wrongly named real legends!In my ML Beckham is at...
  14. considine46

    Staff upgrades-have you tried it yet?

    Hi peeps,just wondered if anybodys tried upgrading thier staff yet?If so has it benefited from the immense cost?! Ive upgraded to a level 5 scout.His reports dont seem to be much different from a level 1!He doesnt even seem much better at getting players.I still cant tempt Obertan or Wellbeck...
  15. considine46

    Can you qualiify for the Europa or CL by winning the F.A Cup

    Hi,in my first season on ML in Div 2 i finished as champions and won the F.A Cup which put me in the Europa league in my first season in Div 1.So yes winning the F.A.Cup puts you in Europa. Free agents are in negotiations,search by group,other leagues-free agents Hope this helps
  16. considine46

    Why can't I find players without a team??

    I dont know if its any help but typing in a players name doesnt always work!Ive unlocked ALL players except those where you have to win ML div 1,Champions league and Europa league.If you search by group then other leagues youll find the unlockable players.I dont know if Beckham comes through the...
  17. considine46

    Master league original teams 2010

    Hi ive started my PES this year by unlocking ALL the players otherwise available by ML.Ive edited a team to be Scunthorpe United and started ML by as Slash stated using default players (Castillo etc) The board have given me £3m (wow!)But in my youth team ive signed up Shimizu,Palmieri,Schwarz...
  18. considine46

    Normal level to Pro... JOKE

    Stella Dave i think your very right in your first post!Since PES5 ive played on top player,but ive always when ive bought the latest edition played at a lower level and worked my way up.Ive had a go on top player on the demo whilst i was playing every night on 2009 top player.On the demo i got...
  19. considine46

    PES 2010 Update Out Thursday?

    No update!Been online from 5-7.30.Anybody else got it yet and any details on it affecting option files?
  20. considine46

    AI - havnt seen that before?

    Yeah ive had that opposition in the corner thing on the demo,so im glad they kept it in the game.Even tho it does my head in!Ive only had it on top player,which i am finding hard this year.But i like that!