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  1. RN50

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    You can select different types of Killstreak ie u can have the Assault killstreak setup or Support Killstreak setup. Assualt = Usual kills streak ie UAV, Preg , Chopper ext and they reset if you die. Support = UAV, Counter, Sam Tourets, Advanced UAV ect these do not reset when you die. I...
  2. RN50

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    What small print is this? If you get the hardened edition, it include the elite membership and that alone include all map packs.
  3. RN50

    Battlefield 3 [360/PC/PS3]

    COD for Life!!
  4. RN50

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Thats what they are saying, to be honest getting the maps early would be pretty good as u can get used to them and than destroy the people that didnt get the hardened edition once they get the map pack a month later. Also as im on the PS3 im assuming this would make sure that xbox dont get...
  5. RN50

    What is your favourite...

    Call of Duty - Black Ops Primary weapon - Comando Secondary weapon AA12 Extended Mag MW2 Equipment - Motion Sensor Perk - Flak Jacket / Slight of Hand Killstreak - Dogs Class set up - Ghost/Slight/Hacker or Flak/Slight/Tactical Killstreak set up - Napalm / Chopper or sr71/ Dogs Map -...
  6. RN50

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Ziss - Yes you get the map packs with the hardened edition, and you get it every month unlike the nomal map packs that come out ever 2-3 Months.
  7. RN50

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Its only £75 for the hardened edition and it could still go down further. I usualy buy 1 or 2 map packs and as this is all included in the price you actually save some money.
  8. RN50

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    I've just pre-ordered that hardened edition of MW3 from amazon and just want to know what delivery option is best to select? The free one or the 1 u pay for? will they be sent at the same time?
  9. RN50

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Why cant you ever get a good game online? Every time all i get is Lobby Closed and then i have to join another game only to be put in a team thats getting the kick shit out of them. The max amount of games i can play in a lobby before it closes for some reason in 2 WTF.
  10. RN50

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    MW3 looks the business will be getting the on launch :)
  11. RN50

    Why is Real Madrid so awesome in this game?

    Lol Barca a team with Morals dont make me laugh they are just as bad as Real if not worse. The amount of play acting/Diving/dirty play is probably worse than real but because they are seen as not buying success they are forgiven. They get the own players to speak up about other players that...
  12. RN50

    Best Master League Signings

    how much did u guys buy C Ronaldo for?
  13. RN50

    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    Finally dusted of my Pro11 after removing MW2 and wow great option file, also there was no system data file so y are people worrying about that part. But when i copied over the Edit Data is said that i could loose my trophies is that right?
  14. RN50

    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    Hi Rainey as ive not installed any of your option file version would i just have to download the 1 big file when you upload it?
  15. RN50

    Bought the game at midnight, returning it tomorrow!

    y is this thread still going on? obviously Gun_Runner doesnt like the game, he has returned the game and no matter what people say his opinion of the game will not change. Some people will like it some people wont end of.
  16. RN50

    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    just a quick question Rainey, i know u guys are going to be adding bundesliga onto the next OF but what happens if i dont want the budesliga as im not too fussed about that? can i still DL the new OF that u will hopefully be releasing on sat? I dont want to DL the base as im waiting for the...
  17. RN50


    Yea Arshavin is amazing Van Persie on the other hand is bollocks, everytime a player comes near him he loses the ball.
  18. RN50

    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    cheers Rainey, are we talking days for maybe a week or so?
  19. RN50

    W.E.N.B PES 2011 PS3 Option File Released! (BLES-21)

    what you mean it loos terrible? lol
  20. RN50

    W.E.N.B. Option File PS3 Released! (BLES-20)

    Any update on when your gonna add the Stadiums to the OF rainey?