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    (KITS) By KillaCarrillo --NO REQUESTS--

    Will these work on ps4? Or you don't know until the game comes out?
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    The Request Thread

    If there was anyone who missed this request of mine, I have it here again.
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    [FACES] Faces by maquiavelo (PS4)

    I think this one deserves a
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    [FACES] Faces by Ronystan

    Bibras natkho from cska moscow please!
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    The Request Thread

    Either Homer S. or Ronystan's thread has van gaal, I can't remember which one...
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    [TEAM DETAILS] PES2015 Teams banner text, rival clubs and other details.

    I still haven't got what the banners are, and where can you see them?
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    MundoPro2015 Faces!

    Would really appreciate if you could make a face for Bibras Natkho from CSKA moskow! Also, if you could make Juninho, the classic player from lyon, and the best free kick taker i have ever seen!
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    MundoPro2015 Faces!

    Wow, these are some amazing faces, especially that gundugan! You take requests?
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    [KITS] PS4 Kit Formular Videos by Cristiano92

    Can you make kits for teams from the israeli premier league? Would be awesome!
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    [KITS] MarcFDZ22 for PS4/XONE - I Do Requests

    If possible, Maccabi Haifa from the israeli league will be amazing
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    Can you please make israeli national team, but with Sammy Ofer Stadium? Also, some spanish teams like barca, Real Madrid, etc
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    The Request Thread

    I would like to request any players from the Israeli league (especially from maccabi haifa), and also faces for Bibras natkho, if possible. The best way to get pictures is from, because it's in english, and all the players are there. Also, kits for any israeli team would be...