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    Online co-op vs my club

    online co-op v my club sorry to inform you guys but its the same again, and its just wrong i spend money on points for players for what reason when i play a game and i come across a psg full team who has 11 subs to choose from to my 6 its makes the whole point of my club pointless so konami if...
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    Enough is enough

    Again and again please tell me how am i ment to play my club co op clan match when you are putting us agasint ppl constantly using the actual real madrid and barcalona team (you can tell this because they will have a full 22 selection to use instead of the 6 subs we get) you are spoiling my...
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    Enough is enough

    Im completely sick to death of ppl who in myclub are using the full first teams of the best teams .ie real madrid barcalona etc etc its fucking wrong and imoral that they should be able to play a clan match without a club team i mean how fing hard is it to put in a option no myclub team no...
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    Anyone else noticed the high lvl players in 3v3

    All seem to have the full offical club and we have to make the best team from our myclub 9/10 times this is happening so konami can you please sort this out :realmad::realmad::realmad::realmad::realmad:
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    My rant on the official facebook page after a solid day of playing

    totaly same for me , but is anyone else haing my problem with my analogs suddenly turning off resulting in me haivng to turn computer off amd on. and thru this 1 joypad has already bitten the dust with me thinking my joypad was broke,
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    Konami better get the hand in there pocket and start paying us compensation

    Im 95% sure this game isnt complete a rushed effort and konami know it a loyal gamer of pes for over 16 yrs and you fucking taint my respect with this one one one one one one FUCKIN caMERA ANGLE FOR ONLINE, not only 1 camersa angle but a game so fucking slow it went back in time and THEN IT...
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    Camera views, online match

    im nearly at breaking point am i gona have to trade for fifa something ive never done GF came home with fifa years ago i snapped the game up and told her to never buy that crap again but fuck me 2013 was perfect needed a few little touches but nowt bigt time and what do they do the completely...
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    Online camera view

    Is it me or can we not change the camera when playing online cause i cant find it anywhere
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    About online cheating Pes 2014

    ill be happy if i dont feel like 80% of the online PES players are RObots again different person same down the wing pass across and tap in (u have probably seen this has much has me too those out there)
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    patch problems

    swap ur download t hppt something like that its the 2nd option it should download from there
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    cheap isnt the word but i must have seen atleast 200 of these goals scored its like playing the very first fifa where u could scored all the time from 1 way is this what pes has come too,
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    anyone having the problem of seeing the same goal scored down the wing pass to box and tap in must have seen over 100 goal like this is online full of cheating scum who cant play properly without having to do the same goal 5 times in a game.
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    PES2012 DLC ... does anyone have it already ?

    has anyone tried out the 3d on ps3
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    March 15th DLC is a joke!

    what a joke the dlc is yes its free and what do we get 10 new boots thats are pretty useless and a transfer and formation update which we can do ourselfs, for us that just play on mlo i bet most of us was buying the players that have had a great half season and hoping there ratings will get...
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    What annoys you most in MLO?

    ibrahimovic is not one of the best strikers in the world ive watched him when he played for inter v liverpool in cl and he had about 15 shots on goal without a goal and he did the same for sweden a world class striker doesnt need that many shots on goal to score hes like arshavin a good player...
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    What annoys you most in MLO?

    i hate all the ppl with arshavin and the dam thru balls down the side cause for me he seems twice as good as messi or ronaldo come on hes not what u call a superstar yeah good player not uterbullshit like he is on pro just reminds me of adriano pes 2009 he was god mode what do these players do...
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    team strategy numbers would be helpful
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    problem im having is finding space when im passing i think this must be down to management and tatics some help here would be very grateful
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    I need some help with formation tatics and stupid management edit my sqaud is taiwo lb agger cb naldo cb perea cb toure yaya dmf scholes cmf pirlo cmf lennon lmf luis fabiano cf and defoe cf my team seems to play like a bag oif shite its like my atgtackers have no space whats so ever and...
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    dcing problem

    Anyone having strange dc problems ive got 20meg broadband from virgin the ps3 isnt dcing just the game is anyone having similar problems