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    Copy base licensed players Pes 2017

    Would it be possible to link the unlicensed Japan team faces this way?
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    Copy base licensed players PES 2016

    Do we have to copy any of the German (or any) national team that had free agent players eg. Howedes, Hummels, Rudy, Hector, Reus, Weidenfeller, Zeiler, Durm, Kramer, Bellarabi or does anyone have the new updated lineups so I can check myself
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    PS3 Save data editing

    Awesome work guys on figuring out all this secret tweaking stuff, would it be posible for someone to export a team save with the badge moved so it sits in the middle if you cut out the gap in the adidas stripes.
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    [FACES] Faces by Maquiavelo (no request)

    Can anyone help me as I have a Mac and can't get the editing software to work, I know people don't want to go through the monotonous task of exporting all the players they have unlocked onto teams but if anyone that has unlocked these players would be kind enough to upload their option file I...
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    Full List of Preset Faces Availible With W!ld@ Editor

    Has anyone exported a team with copied players that could be used to replace players without there real likeness subotic, marques, salcido, vieira, van nistelrooy etc
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    [BASE-COPY] Winter Transfers Base-Copylist

    I think he is the exception to the rule as you do not need to base copy him as he is still available for national team selection if you did not copy him konami have done this with Japanese players before being hidden but still selectable.
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    [BASE-COPY] Winter Transfers Base-Copylist

    Wolverhampton Wanderers Adlène Guedioura (on loan at Nottingham Forest until the end of 2011–12 season) Ashley Hemmings (on loan at Plymouth Argyle until the end of 2011–12 season) Jamie Reckord (on loan at Scunthorpe United until 26 February 2012) Sam Vokes (on loan at Brighton & Hove...
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    [BASE-COPY] Winter Transfers Base-Copylist

    Aston Villa Beye (Senegal) - Unemployed PRESET FACE
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    [LEAGUE] The Liga Zon Sagres & Orangina Creation Thread

    Sorry guys if i got the wrong end of the conversation, i just prefer to have the badge logo for the league to make the kits look as good as possible i understand that the black logo is the correct logo for the league but they have a different one on the kit it was the same as the Spanish League...
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    [LEAGUE] The Liga Zon Sagres & Orangina Creation Thread you can see in the picture link that the league badge has a white border around it and the text for "zon" is square not rounded...
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    [LEAGUE] The Liga Zon Sagres & Orangina Creation Thread

    League Logo I was not happy with any liga son sagres league badges I could find so I made my own until someone gets an official one from somewhere, anyhow seeing as I made it thought I might as well share it.
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    ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14] PES 2011 PNG´s for PS3

    Awesome kits in this thread guys just thought i would add some of mine for use on classic teams.
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    Playes to disappear in the January update

    Players to be base copied with preset faces Altidore Yakubu Mancini G. Neville Edinho Kezman Rothen Chimbonda Stoor Konchesky Gokhan unal Faith Tekke G. Delvecchio Abbondanzieri Ortega Jaliens Papadopulos Laryea Kingston Basinas Juanito Luque Mitroglou Galtsios Krizanac...
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    March DLC Revealed

    Anyone got any ideas for the new players in the classic lists Steiburg 22 German LB Garch 18 German AMF Beuter 21 German DMF Koerbia 34 Congo GK Thanks
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    Playes to disappear in the January update

    I dont think copying your information (edit data) will help because once you update your information to the new version (system data) there will be no way to go back to your previous version as the edit data will be incompatible with version one (on the disk as Standard) and you will have no way...
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    Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players

    Roy Keane - Nocerino face and Valdez hair looks really good
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    Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players

    Hi Muff, It does work honest first you need to select the face you want so say you wanted rooneys face you would go to rooneys player in united or england and at the bottom of the list click base copy. Step 2 say you wanted Rooney new haircut for example Sneijders haircut copy Sneijder...
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    [JackWhoBRA]- JackWhoWENB PES2011 png kits formulae 10/11 PS3

    Anyone doing kits for classic teams either national or club? here is Germany 08 if anyone wants it
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    Combining Face/Hairstyles for unlicensed players

    Roberto Baggio - Jesus Navas (face) and Purchased haircut 1 Who are the haircuts in the shop for I think it's baggio, beckenbauer, platini, maradona and cryuff anyone got any better ideas?