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  1. Rumpers

    EA is catching up

    I'm getting both this year, but I reckon Pro Evo has lost a lot of fans
  2. Rumpers

    Who is the best player that you have unearthed?

    Agi Pakarani is awesome
  3. Rumpers

    Does anyone want to take part in a Pro Evo 08 Xbox 360 Tournament ???

    Shut up lads don't start fighting over a fucking football game.
  4. Rumpers

    free pes league for 360

    ok the link doesn't work
  5. Rumpers

    What a joke

    Don't cry mate. We just find it annoying that we have to play the same teams online. Personally I don't mind the fact that they're being a much better team than me, I just get so bored playing the same team/s every single game. Calm down a bit. It's only a game!
  6. Rumpers

    Playing Online - does it annoy you?

    Yeah its true mate, you give them a good game and everything but they still say hahahaha and all that shite and you just think, your team is so superior, calm down
  7. Rumpers

    Squad Updates?

    Lads, any news about squad updates? FIFA have just updated all of the January transfers, player skills etc. so surely we must get something?
  8. Rumpers

    Ronaldo V Kaka

    Kaka is a role model on and off the pitch. Ronaldo is awesome but a bit of a mug. Shauny Wright anyone? :P
  9. Rumpers

    Best XI

    I hate boring people who love all of the top players. I destroyed a Barca player with Croatia today :)
  10. Rumpers

    other peoples annoying online habbits

    >Barca and Brazil boys >Cocky people who use "Hahahahaha" and keep saying "Goal!" over and over again. Rrrrr >One man teams >Losing to people with shite connections who jump around >Whenever I go to Portsmouth or Blackburn (my favourite PES teams for some reason) and they go to a...
  11. Rumpers

    Playing Online - does it annoy you?

    I play 360 and have the same problem. Im a Chelsea fan but usually play as Blackburn or Portsmouth. Makes the game more interesting!
  12. Rumpers

    Psp Pes2008

    It's faster?! Than the last Jesus Christ, PES6 on the PSP was rediculously quick as it is! Like playing Obafemi FC
  13. Rumpers


    Haha yeah very true. However they'll probably just put Sao Paolo on the game so that Seabass's love affair with Adriano can live on.
  14. Rumpers

    fifa08 360 help

    You're asking a FIFA question on a Pro Evo site?! Think you're in the wrong place mate :-D
  15. Rumpers


    How about. Don't bother diving? It is the worst part of football and shouldn't be in computer games.
  16. Rumpers

    Master League Old Guard

    The same as you apart from Sagnol lol. Also got Seedorf, not that old but is ageing. Maldini is still awesome.
  17. Rumpers

    Xbox Live

    Go to, go to xbox live and see how many people have brought up issues with server problems etc. Every game is suffering, its Live being a wang again
  18. Rumpers

    Most number of ML goals with 1 player

    Difficulty: Top Player ML level: Hard Number of goals: 67 Player: John Carew ...and blob. Please get rid of the Fabregas pictures. Seeing that Spanish twat's face makes me feel sick. Cheers :D