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    Long Range Drive skill

    +1, LRD is burning brains
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    Long Range Drive skill

    learn to play instead of trying to have that stupid skill card... p.m. i know how to learn it
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    The 'How are you doing at Become A Legend mode' thread.

    Hello guys, after almost 2 months, i finished my BAL. Sorry, i tried to upload pictures, but always gave me an error, the picture size is 64kb jpg, so i dnt know wat happenez, these links are the pictures. I started my career in Excelsior, after i played for AC Milan, FC Barcelona, Manchester...
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    Any Ideas To Improve Till 34Years

    Good question man, i though tht increase til 34 was a question of position choiced (SS SMF til 34 and CF, WF, CMF's til 33) but i saw a guy with a RWF 34 yr, the only difference btween he and me (LWF 33yr) was he learned RMF/SF instead me CF/SS, so mayb is for positions learned, i dnt believe...
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    BAL TIPs TRICKs To Improve Better!!!

    That is right, i improved condition at 8 trainning stamina, but about weak foot is strange, i born with 4, i improved til full bar, but never up to 5, i think is necesary to born with at least 5 or 6, then will be grow.
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    BAL TIPs TRICKs To Improve Better!!!

    Hello every1 Hi ppl, i got my legend almost finished (31yr), i gna xplain a few of tips, if u didn't started yet could be useful. - Wings, CMF's and CF's grows until 33yr, sidemidfielders and SS's grows until 34yrs( i made a wing, ul ) - Make a balanced player (wing or SS)( dnt look...