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    WENB PES2014 BLES01930 Option File (PS3)

    by pressing default you will get the new updated faces, don't know if there is a faster way of doing though. most of chelsea needed to be defaulted and there were a few players in other epl teams, but i got lazy and didn't finish defaulting the faces...
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    PES 2014 Scoring outside the box (long range shot)?

    i have a few times with my BAL player. he's pretty weak too since i'm only in my second season. pretty much what i do is hit square (ps3) until the bar is almost full while pushing towards the general direction of the goal on the left stick. don't know if that actually has anything to do with it...
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    few questions for those who have PES2014 on PS3

    november seems so far away... hopefully that patch will fix most if not all the problems the game has had. it would suck to have to wait that long, and then have to wait even longer for another batch of fixes. i've been enjoying the game (for the most part) so far, but konami shouldn't have...
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    New details emerged regarding the making of pes2014

    i just made a comment, wasn't "havin a pop" at you. if i were someone that was banned i'm pretty sure the mods could check my ip and ban me again... besides. my first post on this forum was a video i posted on my youtube account were you can probably see that my location is NY usa not London...
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    New details emerged regarding the making of pes2014

    are you implying that i'm $anzi? what does that even mean?
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    Through balls vs Defenders catching up

    i've read a lot about this but haven't really noticed it since i rarely play with team that have fowards known for their speed. can you get in front of the defender when you double tap the run button to do that quick dash they do or is the same?
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    New details emerged regarding the making of pes2014

    did that sound funny in your head?
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    The PES 2014 "Rage" Thread

    i don't really have any "rage" against anything in the game, just some frustrations that will hopefully be fixed in upcoming patches. i've played most modes and have enjoyed it so far (except for online since i'm not much of an online player) today however after a few hours of BAL i'm becoming...