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  1. Kewell[AUS]

    Holding up the ball/Better way of defending

    Honestly, most of this post is rubbish. Defend using super cancel, especially when blocking/defending crosses. Also when the comp is hitting you down the flanks, try double team, because rushing it with just one player and your likely to get done. Especially against the likes of C.Ronaldo...
  2. Kewell[AUS]

    shoot speed

    Yeah nothing you can do about it, just practice.
  3. Kewell[AUS]

    help on dribbling and 1-1 scoring

    vary your pace... keep the ball away from the defenders.
  4. Kewell[AUS]

    Gerrard Stamina?

    Heh, Gerrard isn't your favourite player to use or anything is he? ;)
  5. Kewell[AUS]

    Fullbacks (sidebacks) watever you call them

    I've noticed a problem in defence where my side backs stay out wide when there is a free man inside. To fix this i move my side backs in quite narrow, pretty much to the limit. In terms of your question however, i agree with the other guys that editing their position wider or converting to...
  6. Kewell[AUS]

    Milan & Valencia Lineups

    Best AC formation: ------------------------Dida-------------------------------------- ---Oddo-------Nesta----------Maldini----------Jankulovski--------- -----------------------Pirlo--------------------------------------- --------Gattuso--------------------------Ambrosini-----------------...
  7. Kewell[AUS]

    Tightening Up Long Passes

    gottta do it manually mate
  8. Kewell[AUS]

    Advanced Formations (Images)

    lol, thanks for the indepth account of events.
  9. Kewell[AUS]

    How to Shield?While running and in general?

    pass before you are going to be tackled....
  10. Kewell[AUS]

    Offside but not active?

    yeh happens
  11. Kewell[AUS]

    a great option they took out

    This thread sums what is wrong with PI atm.
  12. Kewell[AUS]

    Goalkeeper Development

    I like your logic. That seems to make sense to me. But you have to keep in mind off-season training will help the young goalkeepers and having to keep up with replacing old keepers can be a pain.
  13. Kewell[AUS]


    yeah zyg posted it a while ago. Search for it mate.
  14. Kewell[AUS]


  15. Kewell[AUS]

    2 player game on pc version pro evo 6

    aquielgreen, i use 2 usb converters. I assume you've get your computer to recognise them both: just set the controller buttons and assign it to a player number using settings in the PES6 folder...
  16. Kewell[AUS]

    One last gasp...

    bash SQUARE edit: REPEATEDLY
  17. Kewell[AUS]

    I wish...

    Pes2 Is Fucking Better Than Pes3 So Quit Your Bitching. We Have To More Forward!
  18. Kewell[AUS]

    The best defending techniques

    You guys are really taking the hints and tips to another level. Respect for that.
  19. Kewell[AUS]

    PES6, Level 6, PS2??

    Thanks for sharing! :no: