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    Just Terrible. Want to love PES again but:

    Totally agree with all the above, I've bought every version since ISSPRO on the PS1 & think its been losing the gameplay for years. I too had hope playing the demo that it had speeded up & was less clunky as I call it, les scripting also, then buy the game & its back to delayed passing! I've...
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    UEFA Team of the Year 2014 player

    I got Di Maria... has his moments but yeah when others have Ronaldo or Messi you feel gutted.
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    Best black ball players you've gotten so far

    I got Di Maria though think that was from day one pack team of the year thing, Perotti was a decent one, got a keeper Weidenfeller 82 & hes useless... then again I'm thinking that's the keepers in general as theyre suddenly 100% worse on the game than the demo, certainly in online myclub...
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    [PS3!] - PES 2016 Option File Information

    Yeah me & a few others asked him if he knew of any PS3 OF's on twitter so looks like he's seen it. I did find the one mentioned earlier but think it was on an Italian site (link been put up on here) & despite having family there had no idea what it said! So if anyone manages it & wants to add...
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    smoother gameplay after patch?

    It's all in your head as soon as they say the word patch. Don't believe it & not experienced it. In fact I'm 3rd in my rival ranking & I've lost more than I've won as clearly hardly anyone's online.
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    Why not say what the patch does.

    Tried it again tonight, lags still a fuckin joke & I get a kid with virtually every assist on. What's the fuckin point of that? Fuck off Konami you cunts.
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    Why not say what the patch does.

    Nope it's not changed at all & I'm now packing it in, in fact I'm tempted to snap the disc & not play it again. I've proper had enough of the sheer fuckin shit Konami put out. I've played every version since iss pro was first launched & it was probably a better game then than it is now. The...
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    Why not say what the patch does.

    My point is the patch has not resolved this issue. I couldn't give a flying fuck if my players had bare feet & no boots if they just sorted the massive fuck up that is the long through ball. Defenders with 80+ responsiveness & 85+ defence should not need constant flicking of the R stick to...
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    Why not say what the patch does.

    I type this mid 2nd half of my first post patch MLO game, what's the difference? The laggy spaniard I'm playing lags a bit smoother as he spams another long through ball over the top, ironically this seems even worse & the defenders more useless post patch than before. I cannot be bothered...
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    smoother gameplay after patch?

    It is a bit smoother, the long balls over the top do look smoother as the defenders move outta the way too. It's a fuckin gimmick, until the sort that Dickinson glitch out its still wank & laggy.
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    Wanted dead or alive

    haha I've not been that unlucky! Once played a yank & that was bad..
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    Wanted dead or alive

    Thousands of players a still desperately searching for that elusive gringo known only as El Playable, located somewhere in Spain there lies hidden a true fast connection that won't lag your game. Sadly it's never shown its face in public & instead ruins hours of gaming by sending out its alter...
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    The PES 2013 "Rage" Thread

    If I get one more motherfucking lagging long ball van der mirch twat I'll ...oh what's the fuckin point that's all you get on MLO. Get a patch out & tone the long through ball right down. How unrealistic can you get??
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    How do you even use game plan settings?

    If you use d pad for direction it's ctrl & O
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    Spamming of Speed Merchants/throughballs?

    I agree. It's the method I use & now added in some man marking which I never used before, still don't always use it as like me plenty of people set up to attract the man markers the change formation in game to drag the defenders away.
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    Spamming of Speed Merchants/throughballs?

    It shows Konami have no interest in making it a patient build up game when they invent the likes on van Der mirch, they've just no idea what they're doing. Lazy, one track minded & ignorant to what the fan base want.
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    George Lucas of MLO

    I've been winning bout £1.8m per game but I'm bored of the game already. Every game is long ball long ball long ball, it's tedious
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    PES 2013 AI speed

    If you want him to be just like a simulation leave him on the bench ;-)
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    Mirch ado about taste.

    Don't know about anyone else but when I play MLO I'm of the opinion that if my opponent has Van Der Mirch the lurch in their side, I can't possibly take them seriously. You know it's gonna be a game of defending one way all game while the tasteless noob you're playing try's to emulate...
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    slotting ulit past the keeper

    Try R2 & direction & when you've done that try reading the instruction manual!