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  1. hulkamaphone

    [LEAGUE] The Hyundai A-League Creation Thread 2017/18

    I'd be really happy with Kit and squads on Nov 1st. Happy to wait until later for face updates.
  2. hulkamaphone

    [LEAGUE] The Hyundai A-League Creation Thread 2017/18

    Great work as always, just wondering if you will be updating the kits (thinking about Melbourne Victory) for the Nov 1 release? Also, will you let users know which OF your work will be included in? Thanks again!
  3. hulkamaphone

    [LEAGUE] The Hyundai A-League Creation Thread 2017/18

    Thanks very much, just wondering if Melbourne Victory is complete? Looks like it's missing the league crest? It also has a different sponsor to that on the what is on the club site:
  4. hulkamaphone

    [LEAGUE] The Hyundai A-League Creation Thread 2017/18

    Wow, just realised I've been a member here since 2006... it's been a long PES road!
  5. hulkamaphone

    [LEAGUE] The Hyundai A-League Creation Thread 2017/18

    Great job guys, this looks really good! I can't wait to try it out once complete, I've never bothered with the A-League because PC editing was so hard in the past. :D
  6. hulkamaphone

    This Video just looks more Fluid All Over to me

    I don't think it is newer code. That footage is Gamescom code mate, Adam from WENB said the demo is an update from that. It might be the way the guys play or the blurry graphics that make it look smoother but it looks similar to the demo to me. You can definately play smooth in the demo if...
  7. hulkamaphone

    22 player Pro Evo Tournament + Full Video Highlights!!

    Nice vid mate, and a great idea!! Looks like heaps of fun.
  8. hulkamaphone

    My PES 2009 Covers

    Even with your slick previous work, this has still managed to exceed all of my expectations. Great, great work mate, thanks heaps for that!! Rep ++ Your a champ!
  9. hulkamaphone

    My PES 2009 Covers

    Can I request an Australian cover? Heres a pic you could use, you just need to cut out the 2 outside guys (just have the 3 in the middle). If you could do that mate, that would be awesome!
  10. hulkamaphone

    My PES 2009 Covers

    Thanks mate, TOP WORK!!!! I will print now. Thanks heaps
  11. hulkamaphone

    My PES 2009 Covers

    Awesome work mate. Can you do a team themed liverpool one for PS3? With Gerrard, Torres, and Alonso on the front (or something like that)? That would be pretty cool.
  12. hulkamaphone

    Legends online help PS3

    If you press L1, it will open a small box at the bottom of the screen with 4 different phrases to say. You just press (while holding L1) the face button corresponding to the phrase. You can swap the phrases from a (small) predefined list before you start a game.
  13. hulkamaphone

    frustrated and p***** off

    Thats pretty sh*t... unfortunately there are people out there who are complete t0ssers and can't stand losing so they cheat to win. If I where you I'd host games from now on so that doesn't happen again. Or do what I do, only play mates online or people from forums like pesgaming.. at least...
  14. hulkamaphone

    First match in Lengend..

    the first match basically paves the way for the rest of your players stats... score goals in the scout match and you will have better shooting, make more passes and you will have better passing etc.
  15. hulkamaphone

    Free Kicks!!!!!!

    practice practice practice....
  16. hulkamaphone

    How Long to Develop Legend?

    you can either play through it and get more goals, records, trophies, etc.. or you can skip until your 22--ish and have better skills.
  17. hulkamaphone

    How to get the power to score goals from inside own half?

    not sure how its done but you would need to be damn lucky to get the ball that far AND accurate. I used to do it from the centre circle in PES5 with a chip manual pass... it would go dead straight almost every time... although the keepers would be back on their line so it hardly ever went in.
  18. hulkamaphone

    Getting special Skills

    search in the forums cos there's a thread dedicate to this topic.
  19. hulkamaphone

    corner kick... please help

    technically you can... but you have to be lucky and the goalkeeper needs to be blocked by a player on the goal line. Just long pass the ball into the goal with a inward swerve... needs lots of luck and practice... most of the time the keeper will just parry the ball overhead for another corner.
  20. hulkamaphone

    Symbols next to the players???

    yeah I have been thinking of getting it every year but I manage to work out most myself.... there's still a few little tricks I wouldn't mind knowing but oh well *sigh*