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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 | Primeira Liga - Real Team Names & Info | PS4
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 | Serie B - Real Team Names & Info | PS4
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 | Barclays Premier League - Real Team Names & Info | PS4 Bare in mind that managers of some teams have been replaced since the video has been uploaded.
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 | Sky Bet Championship - Real Team Names & Info | PS4 Bare in mind that managers of some teams have been replaced since the video has been uploaded.
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    Put in as many small features as possible

    I agree with the names of the players scored when in the pause menu but I would also like to see whos scored during the match, possibly under the scoreboard where sometimes during the match the statistics of shots appear, another one for players who scored.
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    Stadium ideas pes 2014

    Nice ideas! I would implement these into real stadiums such as; Old Trafford but not fake stadiums, I don't see much point.
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    New Layout

    Perhaps a new theme in which it has a similar graphic designs like the latest Pro Evoution Soccer games so when you come to the forum, straight away you feel like you're in a PES Community. But I think the homepage should have a whole new look to it as well as new features to help us with our...
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    how to get these superstar players

    I agree with Pringleton!
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    Your best PES-moment?

    I only have 'Best PES Moments'. These are all the seasons I have played in which I beat Manchester City, especially at their ground. Yes, i'm you all realised I am a Manchester United fan after saying that:P
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    They call me the newbie

    Thanks mate Glad to be here!:D
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    Best developing players in this years PES?

    I think if you give Raheem Sterling a couple of games he should become really could, although he's overall rating is poor in PES12, I promise you 1 or 2 seasons will do the job! Young and developing him is very easy. For me, right now to develop a player is Iturbe. I play him sometimes due to...
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    Will I go bust?

    When the season finishes, you lose all the money have earned and they give you fixed amount of money again like the begin and after that you will have to pay the players wages. If you have bought lots of players or increased their wages too it is likely that the fixed amount of money they gave...
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    They call me the newbie

    Hello guys! Shockwaver88 here introducing myself to this brilliant looking forum and hoping to contribute to the PES Community. So where do I begin?Let's start off which team I support alright? Well... It has to be the one and only MANCHESTER UNITED FC!!! Born supporting them and i'm going...
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    I don't this thread is suitable for this category. I am sure there is a category where you can talk to others about kits but, due to being a newbie here unfortunately I cannot tell you where to go. Hope you find help soon matey(: (NOTE: This category is to introduce whom you are to other members)