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    What Do You Want In PES16?

    I mean the ability to actually get a cross in, I always seem to gave to cut back as I can't outrun anyone to get a clear cross in. Even when the defender is nowhere near they seem to get a brick in some how...
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    What Do You Want In PES16?

    Better stamina Player ai (I'm sick of my players standing behind the opposition so every pass is intercepted) Less scripting More fouls by ai, I've had about 2 penalties in 500 games Fix the ai passing it around the back 4 Different tactics from different teams More stats in master league Stop...
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    Mini league offline

    I want to play a small league with some friends OFFLINE (obviously as online is fucked again :rolleyes: ) does anyone know where this option is in the menu? I can't find community mode anywhere
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    Online problem

    I am on sky and gave this problem. Seems it is ALL sky customers
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    [PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

    do i just download 1.0 install that then overwrite it with 2.1?
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    Had enough !!!

    Is there an updated option file for 13?
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    Offline community mode

    It's a fucking joke. I will never ever buy a konami game again they are shit
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    Offline community mode

    Where can I set up a league with my mates so we can play each other twice? I thought it was back in? :realmad:
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    Zlats goal in Evo?

    this is one of mine from pes 12
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    Become a Legend Development

    i started on 58, now im on 82 2.5 seasons in... Maybe you just suck? Have you tried buying things from the shop to improve your training?
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    How do you even use game plan settings?

    way too complicated
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    [PS3] [Xbox] paul2478 Option File (BLES&BLUS)

    Is this finished now? I just copied v1.3 and started a master league and all the bundesliga and championship have made up teams and players. Is this correct?
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    whats your highest match rating?

    What a load of shit Just scored 4 and got 1 assist. Still only an 8
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    whats your highest match rating?

    I cant seem to get more than 8.0 has anyone got higher?
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    a little help please :)

    Ive never had more than an 8/10 even once when i got 2 assists and 3 goals. Just another thing konami have fuct up
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    Why does KONAMI keep removing good things about previous PES games?

    this is why konami are alazy because they know people will doi it for them
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    PES 2013 changing the weather, is it possible?

    amazinghow there was weather on the ps2 and even ps1 but now they cant even do it.
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    Email to Konami

    He'll still the get the generic reply that everyone got but good points well made
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    Can u still scoop the ball up ?

    I mean if I had the ball and was running towards goal, if I did down then up on the r stick (ps3) the player would chip the ball in front of him setting himself up for a half volley