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    [PS4] Chris's Best Of Everything (BOE) Option File & Graphics

    Hi bro i just got my PS4 which file i must download am new here ;)
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    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits PES 2017 PS4

    Hi mate hope ur work going well can u tell me the size of kits on PS3 ?
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    [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [cfw/ode only]

    Hi mate ur work is fantastic waiting for more thing u will add in the futur ;)
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    [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [cfw/ode only]

    Hi mate i have update the 05/11/15 having boots issue only 46 boots some players have no boots plz fixed it ;) thnx in advance awsome mod ;)
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    [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [cfw/ode only]

    Hi Cfgraven i have updated the 04/11/15 having boots issue players have no boots in the game.. finally its appear DATA PACK 1.00
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    [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [cfw/ode only]

    #PES2016 patch 1.02.01 will be released on the 5th of November ( Thursday ) please note it is NOT a DP1 roster fix.
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    [PS3] PES 2016 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [cfw/ode only]

    Hi Mate ur work is fantastic amazing work on kits,faces,teams,balls,logos,stadium, Boots,adboards... ETC..... Waiting for more.........
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    Patch pupperthai pes16 ps3

    Hi all i have complete 12 Major League Soccer teams : CREATED LOTS OF MLS FACES. ADDED THEIR CORRECT BOOTS. ADDED THEIR KITS.
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    [PC] Team Editor Manager version 1.7 beta

    its a ps3 tools ??
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    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    anyone have the pixel preview on ps3?
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    [LEAGUE] MLS Creation Thread 2015

    Hi all i have made L.A Galaxy Home,Away & Gk kits [PES2016] [PS3] But i have not tested yet, someone can test the kits & let mi knw ;) Front 290/512 Back 290/473 Sleeve 239/134 Short 290/220 Sock 106/151 Links:
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2015/16

    Hi mate this Bundesliga Thread is for PS3 users also ?
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    Pes kits all in - kits

    Is anyone doing kits for PES 2016 for [PS3]
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    Pes kits all in - kits

    Hi mate the kits for PS3 also ??
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    [kits]pes 2015 season 15/16 [ps3]

    Hi mate i have stop editing on PES 2015 am waiting for PES 2016 released this month. So work will be continue with on Pes 2016 soon ;)
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    PES 16: Edit mode discussion.

    Hi mate will the PES 2016 kits PS3 will be like last year on PS3 in Parts or it will be complete templates like in PS4 this year ?? All the teams thats have qualified in the Champions League & Europa League will be in PES 2016 this year ?