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    Premier League Saudi Option File PES 2021 [PS4]

    Good but we can not use other asian teams so there still more fake teams in Asia ! Can you solve this issue
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    PES 2021 Commentators !

    Thank you Philips I really liked the Spanish commentator he’s very exciting also i liked the Italian despite I don’t really understand what they are saying
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    PES 2021 Commentators !

    Hi everyone It’s good to see many languages for commentators in PES 2021 and i only recognized The Arabic Commentators ( Fahad Al Otibi) and the English Commentator ( Peter Drury) so im curious to know the other commentators names ( italian , Spanish, and Dutch ) if you guys know their...
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    PES 2020 Disadvantages

    Hi everyone , i have some notes for PES 2020 disadvantages and mistakes which i noticed them since this game released : : 1- refereeing is very bad and annoying! Such as elbow hit counted out the box with yellow card and not counted inside the box !! 2- mostly when i get the ball back...
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    Pes 2020 lite

    Thank you
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    Pes 2020 lite

    Hi everyone, PES announced that PES 2020 lite will be available next week, Can anyone explain to me what is PES 2020 lite , What the difference between original copy and lite ?
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    Universe PES second version and shit

    Wrong link Please post this again
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    Saudi Pro League

    Hi everyone I found an option file for Saudi Pro League it comes over Pas league ( asian fake league) Can I share this league here or It’s forbidden
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    other european teams And Pleasure Horn

    I have Pesuniverse Bundesliga I guess I should wait for their coming OF
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    other european teams And Pleasure Horn

    Hi I wonder why there are no other european teams so far ? And i wish i find the African champion instead of Pleasure horn
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    Is there a way

    Hi all I want to remove Saudi pro league but I don’t know how It seems that i have remove everything and install again It takes time to do it again Is there a way to remove a single league only ? I want it back like fake teams before
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    Winter transfers update

    I get it , and appreciate their work
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    Winter transfers update

    Hi I wonder if there will be an update for winter transfers For Bundesliga , other European teams , other amirican teams and asian teams ? Bundesliga and other European teams been updated In PesWorld site but the others still not ! So i have an update for Saudi League found it on...