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    [kits]pes 2015 season 15/16 [ps3]

    could you please release wolfsburg kits?
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    [kits]pes 2015 season 15/16 [ps3]

    is it possible to release single team kits instead of complete league packs? its horrible for bundesliga-fans ;-)
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    [kits]pes 2015 season 15/16 [ps3]

    I´m waiting, too. But it´s done when it´s done... ;-)
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    [kits]pes 2015 season 15/16 [ps3]

    nice work again :-)
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    [kits]pes 2015 season 15/16 [ps3]

    wow, great job krish, augsburg looks awesome :-) If possible, i'd like to wish new wolfsburg kits, that would be great ;-) Home: with green shorts Away:
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2014/15

    Is there any chance to get up to dated(2015/16) bundesliga kits (with shorts and sox) for PS3? I didn`t find it anywhere :-(
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    [KIT VARIOUS "on request"] PC,Xbox,Ps3

    Hi, are you interested in creating new Wolfsburg kits? I've not seen any till now. Would be great!! :-) Watch bigger pics here:
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    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    update Wolfsburg kit: PANTS: SOCKS: I'd really appreciate it...
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    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    amazing works, angeltorero. could you please do the new kit of Bundesliga`s 2. VfL Wolfsburg? They wear it first time at germanys cup final this saturday in berlin ... pants and sox coming soon,it would be great, thanx :-)
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    [FACES & KITS] Faceclub by Homer S.

    danke fürs wolfsburg kit :) könntest du das blaue und das goalie noch machen bitte?
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    [FACES & KITS] Faceclub by Homer S.

    Hallo Homer, hast du lust, dich an den neuen wolfsburg trikots zu versuchen? would you like to try new wolfsburg kappa-kits?
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    [TRANSFERS] January 2014 Transfer Window Updates

    Fagner will not return to Wolfsburg
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    [LEAGUE] The Bundesliga Creation Thread 2013/14

    defensive midfielder is his second position, he`s a central defender
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    [FACES] Facescan formulas by chuckyboy1234 (Request One p/p)

    Hi please try Vaclav Pilar and Jores Okore. Jores Okore (denmark youngster) Vaclav Pilar
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    [FACES] kitfisto´s Facescans for pes 2012 requests accepted

    Hi please try Vaclav Pilar and Jores Okore. Jores Okore (denmark youngster) Vaclav Pilar
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    [KITS] Mike1Zero's PNG´s

    could you please try new wolfsburg-kit...
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    [FACES] Faces by Iceman8m

    did you already finish giovanni sio?
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    Face Scans By Mighty__Mag

    hi could you please try rasmus jönsson (vfL Wolfsburg)?
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    Nemisiskidd png's

    Hi could you please update the VfL Wolfsburg home kit? and transparent would be perfect :-) ThanX