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    i hate van der (speed) mirch (ant)

    I wouldn't call lob passing cheating. That is a bit harsh, it is a tactic. I use Walcott on the right wing, and Robinho on the left wing, so they can cross in to Toivonen or bring my attacking line up and start passing around the midfield again, by the way my overall team strength is only...
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    why BAL's 3rd item slot locked?

    ps. the item is called extra pocket and has an avatar of a cupboard.
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    why BAL's 3rd item slot locked?

    I unlocked it by playing online? I thought that was the only way to get unlocks on this game. Just came up after playing one game just like all the other items I get for BAL
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    default love

    Castolis and Jacomorac are still starters in my squad. Contrary to overall, Hudaleski is actually a very consistent defender who also gets forward on some corners and has scored a couple headers for me!
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    Overrated players: Martins!!!

    I think the ratings are pretty fair. If you haven't noticed, it is a video game, so the statistics involved are based on a combination of subjective and objective information. They also give you the edit function, so if you think some players are too good, tune them down, or if they're crap...
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    What can Konami learn from EA for PES 2014?

    Two words. Fox Engine. The next PES better wow me, because I'm getting too old and busy for video games.
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    So the search filters are broken...

    So did I. He has something like Pato, Eto'o and Higuain. I had Bojan, Gameiro and Janko myself. Down 2-0 at half time, changed gameplan in at the interval to play all three as center forwards with two deep lying midfielders as play makers, and set my defensive line to sit deeper. Won 3-2 with...
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    Your MLO team strength and stuff

    How can you have played 400 games already? Cheeses crust. I think I've played like 54 games and I still have some of the original team such as Paccini and Castolis. Up front have Vagner Love and Aubeyemang. Couple of 70-80 midfielders. Neto is my only decent defender (officially a 69, but his...
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    Played someone last night. Leading 13-0 at half time (they were terrible, couldn't complete a pass, couldn't keep the ball on the pitch) and at half time, my heart froze as it returned to the menu. They only quit the match though. Still got the 3 points for rival rankings and the win bonus...
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    Damn, my manager is a mean-spirited individual

    It's a bit silly. Chose SS. Playing as a RWF or LMF (when I start, in training games) and being subbed on as a CF. And I play on Top Player, which makes it impossible to grow attributes or get better because I never play. Have only scored 7 goals this season. Sucks hard.
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    Serious Question: Why can't we have a 2013 edition of PES 6?

    Are you kidding me? I don't know about you, but I played PES4, which was ok, and then 5 came out and it was like WOOAHHH - I still smash it on the PS3 sometimes (I can play older PS games on mine). 6 was a clone with a shitty facelift, just like 10 and 11 were to PES09. There is a pattern -...
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    Serious Question: Why can't we have a 2013 edition of PES 6?

    It didn't destroy it by moving to a different platform. You are just getting older. p.s. PES 5 was the best PES ever made, 6 was a pile of dogshit.
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    [CHANTS] PES 2013 CHANTS - Completed Packs & All Discussion

    Should just upload these as a torrent. These media sharing sites are annoying as hell to deal with!
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    Considering the last great edition was PES 5 back on the trust old PS2, I am very happy with this one. It is the best of the 4 digit PES series since 2009 imo.
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    Long time player, first time forum user. Been playing since the ISS days, haven't missed an edition since :D Can you blame me though, it just keeps getting better! Only criticism I have of the new version is how many people had star players in MLO by the time I had bought it! (I bought it...