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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Hello Nico, unfortunately you can't simply install both of the files (Bundesliga and the Classic Clubs) at the same account. H777 also used the PEU for creating his outstanding file, so it will always overwrite each other. To use both at one account you would have to base copy every single...
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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Ah ok. Now I got it what you meant with completely different from yours. I think in this case I would also prefer your version including more guys I've seen playing myself. But I also like the idea of building each club with the objectively best players in it's history no matter when they have...
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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Hallo Duc, thougt you are from Belgium, because RSC Anderlecht was the first team you created for this project :) Great to hear that Stuttgart XI is already finished too. Really looking forward to next time I can play PES. Thanks for the hint with redted & Co's project. Sounds really...
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    [TEAMS] Classic Club sides PS4

    Hey guys, sounds like a fantastic project, really looking forward to it. Am I right that your option file will be compatible with the outstanding work of h777 and his 42 Classic Clubs file? But will probably not be compatible with Ratmundo's also outstanding 32 Classic Nations File, because...
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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Glad to hear that you don't care too much about these idiot/s. You can always be aware of and satisfied by the fact that you make amounts of people happy with the outcome of your hobby and passion (don't really know if my english makes any sense sometimes :innocent:). And that guy? How can he...
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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    So sad to hear. I really really hope so much that you don't give a f*** on this one or two idiots with no own life and passion trying to... Trying to what? How much I think about I can't find no reason or negative aspect on this project for anybody to justify or understand such behaviour in any...
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    [TEAMS] Classic Clubs by Various Editors

    Hey guys, I wanna thank you so much for your great work. Can't count the unbelievable evenings me and my PES buddys had so far using your outstanding file. Probably I will never play anything else than Classics in my life ;) And I wanna give you an example, which shows what you give to the...
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    [TEAMS] Classic OF / Team Share by Ratmundo

    Hello Ratmundo and you other genius world improvers who helped to get this come true! Even if I so far didn't come into enjoyment to reminisce some really formative childhood memories by "just" putting together PES and the result of your matchless detail infidelity and seemingly never ending...