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    Potentially improved players MLO for February patch!

    When is this patch??? Been waiting ages now
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    Potentially improved players MLO for February patch!

    I had Diae started out rated 70 and the after an earlier update went down to 69
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    mandingo 31cm i went one nill up early on. the guy could only do one move the long ball and since that was just not working. and he clealy had nothing else in his locker he quit the game somehow....... in the usual way ...................leaving me with no money and no points. keep up the...
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    Online lag switching cheaters list konami please read and act!!!!

    mattyle6 nickpesgreek I was winning against both and they quit the game leaving no record of of the match. I never ever cheat and always take my losses on the chin. I lose games 4 nil, 5 nil and i win games by the same marging. ive been destroyed by many of players...........and yes it pisses...
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    OMG 8/10 of you guys are pathetic

    Konami dont let auto freekicks happen!!! they ruin the game!! they are pointless!! no skill involved!! poor sportsmanship!!! let the taker tap the ball like when a gk has it. I have lost games just beacause this winds me up. I love pes... but auto freekicks is shit. no one wants them. no...
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    Players for MLO'13

    rakytski 72 cb- 77cmf nolan 72amf 77cmf
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    MLO must-buy players

    rakytisky neglie and gameiro are must buys at the start.
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    MLO Team Improving?

    i got a team worth just under a billion. made it buy giving out 50game contracts for everyone. get a massive squad and improve the team as contracts expire. the more your squad is worth the more u get in gate receipts. with mypes bonuse i end up with £4.2mil per win!!!!
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    MLO Valuation changes

    tuesday morning. the garph shows the values drop but compare the highest value to current value as the everyones price drops on the graph on uesdays
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    MLO - when the match-making has it in for you...

    tru that. 32 players in my squad. 25 on long contracts. always field a team!!
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    Cheaters: who they are, how they cheat, how to prevent, how bad Konami supports us.

    u have never seen a team dominate possession during a game??? i dont reacall watching a real match when the stronger team would give the weaker a chance just to make it fairer. some people play wing play, some people play long ball. i play possession and u say its cheating. JOKE!!! its not...
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    I need a help in choosing my next signing !!

    A. caroll. immense target from goal kicks, corners, crosses and sweet left foot. He lacks speed and touch but is a real prob for defenders in the air!!! Hazard lmf!!!! trust me!!! goals and dribbles!!!
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    Not trying to be mean

    if your opponent does not have the ball they cant score. possession football is great football. i cant understand how anyone can say its not the way to play. Barca, Swansea, Arsenal-- all play keep ball and wait for opportunities. Last year its all Man city did.... and they won the FA cup and...
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    A new way of thinking

    Carroll is in my team cos he is immense in the air. whip it in!!!!
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    Formation changing automatically

    u need 2 go 2 the auto settings below the pitch in game plan and turn off the auto settings. not entirely sure what the option is off the top of my head but its where u can turn the offside trap on and off
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    XBOX 360 Tournament

    If i set one up for next saturday who wants to play??? 7/1/2012
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    How can i make an online tournament?

    tournament tonight on xbox!!!!!!!! prize off 400ms points
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    How can i make an online tournament?

    i havnt done it myself. register to the site (ive done that) think u need to get players to sign up to!!!!! click on Events tab create event - then follow instructions think u need to get players to sign up to!!!!! what u on, xbox?
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    [LIST] The cheating goes on and on...

    NAC Nokturni on xbox 360. just had a quality game. went 1 nil up then went 3-1 down. turned it round to 4-3 up then he cancelled the game. sent him messages and he said sorry. not that it makes any difference. no record of my game. how did he do it?
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    How can i make an online tournament?