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    Official PES 2009 Demo Feedback

    Disappointed with the demo, i started to come around to the idea that pes might make it back this year but not with this demo, how heavy and weird sounding is the damn ball. Animations seem a bit robotic at times aswell, only thing going for it for me is the facial graphics. BIG letdown.
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    Need for Speed: Undercover [PS3/360/PC]

    It looks decent, similar story as far as i see to fast and the furious 1! if its anything similar to that i'll like it
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    Anyone played the demo yet? Must say i'm quite enjoying it so far ;)
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    Battlefield: Bad Company [PS3/360]

    I bought it on day one of release, me and my flatmate were addicted to the demo for a good couple of weeks. I've played it online the majority of the time. Mostly using Assault or Support aswell. I prefer it to the likes of COD4, its a lot harder to see enemies at times, a lot more challenging...
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    Things you could add to PES

    Firstly was there any need to start off dissing fifa? Things to be added to PES? nothing before they have fixed the gameplay as close to perfection as possible. They should frankly be concentrating on that before adding anything, particularly something as insignificant as kicky ups!
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    Is PES 2009's cover the best in the series?

    Ok it looks nothing remotely close to professional! The glow around Messi alone takes the professional feel away from it! My opinion... PES5 FTW!
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    The Official Cover

    It's nowhere near the quality of PES5 and last year's PES2008 covers. Does look decent though, reminds me, quality wise of PES4's cover.
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    FIFA fans....?

    im the "piece" of shit? says the person who can't read properly! again if you read my posts you'd clearly see i mentioned the WENB guys having two opinions. They played the first and loved it then were disappointed at the leipzig(sp?) learn to read, it might do you a bit of good. again with the...
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    These shots are unreal...WOW

    I'm getting tired of seeing the same comments from you guys in every topic! Wheres this proof then that pes 09 is a clear improvement over pes 08? on WENB? I've read the comments on the site. They are still clearly mixed as to whether or not theres been a massive improvement. You guys are...
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    Are you kidding? Is PES 09 better than FIFA 09?

    seriously do you read posts properly before replying? he stated an opinion which you are now bashing. he simply stated he preferred fifa 08 to pes 08 yet you call him a fanboy still. His name states clearly he isn't a fifa fanboy. learn to READ!
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    FIFA fans....?

    did you read a single bit of my post? is this guy serious? Lets make a start shall we? First off the animations have been improved greatly from what i've seen in fifa 09 gameplay vids. for example (yeah we needs examples to back up points) the video showing cristiano ronaldo's freekick. The...
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    FIFA fans....?

    It works both ways im afraid. fifa fans can't judge the games because they haven't played them yet? yet pes fans can freely express how much better their game is? how is that sensible? Fifa looks the same as last year? Don't worry i have proof not just words! 08 09 If...
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    NEW PES Video!

    Doesn't compare to the fifa version as vitum explained. They've tried to do it but failed in my opinion.
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    FIFA09 video

    you noticed that from the very poor quality video? :O it's not a biggy for me tbh!
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    FIFA09 video

    The games still in slightly early development, they got a few months yet till release so i'm sure if they wanted to they could tone down the speed. Though it could just be the video. Playing FLV on youtube speeds them up a LOT!!! still the animation looks really impressive.
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    FIFA09 video

    Nice find, i must say the animation looks neat especially in the sliding tackle around about 1 min 20 in the video. Definitely buying it this year.
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    Should diving be incorporated?

    It's a waste of time. It shouldn't even be in the game at all. It's a footie game not beijing 2008.
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    Konami Grab Champions League License?!?!

    Doesn't interest me in the slightest to be honest. It's hardly gonna make me more excited about PES09. They won't be able to compete with EA's licenses if that's what their going for. They should be focusing more on fixing the gameplay rather than the look of the game.
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    Leaked info from recent event

    Is it even possible that they have the CL license? EA do afterall still make the UEFA CL games.