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    First half-season of ML without transfers: wouldn't it be a nice option?

    Aye, it was PES '13 the last time transfer frequency was available, it was such a good feature and i'm still baffled as to why they got rid of it. It's not just the amount of transfers in PES 16 that annoys me it's where the players end up. When I was Ajax I was thinking about bringing Van...
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    New to PES after years away, what to expect?

    The gameplay is much better than FIFA IMO, it's also better tactically, you can see your opponents exact formation and individual player stats, which helps when coming up against a relatively unknown side. Also, any player can man mark any other player, which again, is a nice touch...
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    In my 4th season with Ajax, brought Zlatan in the summer, helped by the accumulation of nearly 270 million Euros in transfer fees :erm: won my second consecutive Eredivisie title with two games to spare, will probably move on after this season. In the final of the KNVB cup against Feyenoord...
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    I'll probably do that after I finish up my current ML with Ajax, I thought I'd post on here first before going into a new league without really knowing the set-up.
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Quick question about Major League Soccer, if anyone knows. I'm confused by the league format, there's MLS, then a first stage and second stage, there's no play-offs or anything and there's a little symbol next to the 2n place team, what happens if you win MLS? what are the other stages? what...
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    Do we think there will be a PES 2017...

    My gut feeling about PES is that it looks like they don't have genuine football fans working on the game. This years edition looks like it's the brain-child of a group of people who THINK they know what football fans like without actually knowing. The time spent on the monthly stat updates...
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    PES 2016 Survey (by the players, for the players)

    Taken the survey. For me it's the third PES title in a row that's seriously flawed, the game engine on PES 2013 wasn't SO bad that they needed to scrap it and start again IMO, another dismal effort next season could (should?) see the end of the franchise, the only thing saving PES is that FIFA...
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    Deleting songs/chants?

    Hello, One (of many) things that have started bugging me about PES '16 is the songs and chants during a game, I don't mind the generic cheering and clapping the patch I've installed (Daymos xbox 360) has loads of Arsenal and Chelsea chants throughout the game, can i delete these? or swap...
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    How to stop overload of big singings.

    If Krul was on the bench then maybe, but he starts and Hugo Lloris is surplus to requirements, these unexpected transfers happen occasionally, but not all in one window like they do on PES.
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    How to stop overload of big singings.

    There's also the unrealistic, pointless signings as well, Spurs buying Tim Krul when they've got Lloris, Pablo Aimar signing for Liverpool and Rafael VDV going to Barca for example. I've had to overwrite Pirlo, Gerrard, Xavi and Lampard as well, changed their stats, age etc. Gerrard is now...
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Never had a penalty, had a few free-kicks on the edge of the box though. I've seen one red card in about 100 games and the "advantage" rule the refs play is frustrating, I'd rather have the free kick on the edge of my box than have the ball never the corner flag boxed in by the opposition...
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    Aye, the first real problems i've had since the new patch have both came away at PSV, they're one of my assigned 'rivals' so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. But in the title decider on the final game of the season I was halfway inside their half, Zivkovic makes a run into the...
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    I don't think the people at Konami who work on PES are actually football fans, the monthly statistic update, controlling players during goal celebrations, making a game where, before the latest patch, users were experiencing 6-3's, 7-0's, 5-2's etc on a regular basis isn't what people want IMO...
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    The Master League Experiences Thread

    I'm liking the new patch, keepers are better, some night/evening matches but playing a lot of day matches now, it's not to easy to score but is realistic. The scores are realistic as well, no more 4-2's, 5-3's 6-4's etc, i get a few fouls around the box, yet to get a pen, though I haven't...
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    Lack of Real Stadiums..

    Agreed. Playing in the same stadium 30 times a season does get boring, I like the "feel" of playing in unfamiliar surroundings. Even having the option of changing the size of the five editable stadiums for each team would be good. Also, another stadium related issue that has bugged me for...
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    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    Unfortunately there doesn't appear to much in the way of variation, lots of low shots into the corner, also, the AI only seems to cross the ball if there's space in behind, otherwise they pass it along the ground and try to create a shooting chance, that said, I've only played two ML games...
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    Data pack 2 and PATCH

    I haven't played ML since since the new patch, there does seem to be a slight difference however. I beat Chelsea as Sampdoria, scored three in under half-an-hour, one of them Courtois should probably have saved. But at the end of the match Chelsea had 10 shots on goal, 7 on target and the game...
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    What happened?

    I've only played 10-15 matches at BvB and it does appear to be a problem, I've conceded at leas two goals a game in all but two matches. I've always been a very defence concious gamer, on past PES titles I've won championships with United, Everton, Forest (promotion) BMG and Benfica conceding...
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    Team Spirit and goalkeepers?

    I'm on superstar as well. I don't concede many chances though, 3-4 shots in most games of which 2-3 tend to go in. I do press A LOT though tbf, but I also have a counter attacking and all out defence system as well but whenever the AI shoot it goes in.
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    Team Spirit and goalkeepers?

    Hello, Generally, I'm enjoying PES '16 after buying it a week or so ago, the game is smooth, responsive and good to play. A couple of questions though. How does team spirit affect your contract renewal at the end of the season? At the moment my team spirit is 95 but my team (BvB) are...