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    With Fifa 14 already on PS4/XboxOne PES will never catch up..

    We might be in 2014 but the PS3 hardware is from 2007, its not up to the task anymore for high def gaming. On my PC with PES 2014 the load times are fractions of a second.
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    Is it possible to be a manager and watch matches?

    Yes in the formation menu, at the bottom is the option for "coach mode".
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    is there any BAL editing tools?

    If you mean editing player stats, you dont need any outside tools.
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    File Loader problems can anyone please help?

    On the config menu for FileLoader, make sure "improve performance" option is NOT ticked. Apparently the latest version of fileloader and the required exe file to run it dont play nice with one another with this option ticked.
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    Proper No Blur Patch?

    Anyone have or know of a working no blur patch for pes 2014? The games starting to give me a headache with it blurring constantly making it hard to see what's on the screen. The one that google keeps finding is just a crappy sweetfx config made by someone called firas zinou that does nothing...
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    Easy BAL mode

    It all depends on how you view it and play it. Normally its a complete pita and your starting stats are pathetic for some critical areas. Sure you get more stat points over time, but your player will never be "world class" like Messi or Ronaldo. If you add some basic stats to a young player...
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    Easy BAL mode

    So I just found a really easy way to make Legend mode much easier and alot more fun without all the grinding for stat points just to get a OVR 75 player. Create an edited player and set the face, age, stats etc to your preference for a young player. If you want it super easy just give them...
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    become a legend pes 14 help please

    My rule of thumb is my stamina is how many minutes I can last without sprinting around. So 90 stamina would mean lasting the whole 90mins, as long as I dont go on any lung bursting runs. This is true of pretty much any position in the game, when the AI is the manager. A player that goes red will...
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    Stuttering/slowdowns on PC - anyone else?

    Yeah I cant update drivers, as I am on the "legacy set" from AMD. Currently running 14.4 legacy beta iirc. Oh and DX is fully updated. As said above it does feel like its pulling data and slowing down, but there is no HDD access at the time so I rulled that out.
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    Stuttering/slowdowns on PC - anyone else?

    The game itself, Konami's specifications and the fact that I am actually playing the game perfectly well other than a random slowdown for approx 3 seconds. CPU is not weak, it barely pegs 90% with the game on High or low regardless Ram is not slow by a long shot the game doesnt even use 2gb...
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    Stuttering/slowdowns on PC - anyone else?

    Specs are kinda crap but well capable for the game itself. Win7 64 AMD X2 2.7ghz 4gb DDR 800 HD 3870 512 Yep I know the graphics card has only 512mb gddr, though I am running on "low" settings which as I said is buttery smooth 90% of the time. Game settings panel reports "good" for first 3...
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    editing & master league offline questions

    Those features have yet to be added to this version of the game. Let me make this clear for people, these features were NOT removed. The game is on a whole new engine which means that everything had to be rebuilt from scratch. Some features we took for granted in previous PES have yet to be...
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    Stuttering/slowdowns on PC - anyone else?

    Its not V-sync. That isnt an issue.
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    Online Lag/Game Slow down

    Is anyone actually surprised? I come here every year Pes is released and its always the same laughable setup Konami uses for online. It ALWAYS lags and stutters online, and has done for years since Konami instigated its own online system. I have not seen a pes game run online smooth since...
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    Which difficulty level are you playing on?

    I started on Pro and had to lower it one notch because im playing BAL and every single frakin AI is dribbling and doing tricks 24/7. My own team wont "play" a pass, and instead decide to take on 4 men at a time and lose the ball. Or they are clean through and decide to roulette AWAY from the...
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    Stuttering/slowdowns on PC - anyone else?

    So I have a few issues with 2014 atm relating to slowdown. Now before someone says "its your comp", its not. When playing the game its buttery smooth for the vast majority of the time (60 fps constant). However it will occasionally "slow down" and run at what feels like 15 fps (or less) for a...
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    PES 2014 on Intel HD 4000

    FRAPS is useless for PES 2014 anyway. It will not report the correct fps, since the engine is "locked" to 60 fps. You can play the game at 12 fps and it will still report 60fps with the osd.
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    pes is very slow though i have good enoght requirements

    All settings are not "good". The ATI/AMD 3200 card is a basic level gpu that uses system ram rather than dedicated gddr memory. It is frankly garbage and its no shock that PES runs badly on it. So yes its your GPU that sucks, and that is why its running badly. It does not matter that other...
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    PC Version more responsive than PS3

    If its anything like last years system, you can do it manually. I made a post about it with last years game and the chant packs. Basically there is a master list of chants for teams, if you add in your own chants and rename the files to those on the master list it should work.
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    Can't get 1080 resolution on PC version

    Anyone here running the PESEDIT patch? Because that patch will defo revert graphics settings to 1280x720, as this is essentially 720p resolution. The engine is made for 720p and when set above it starts to stutter or in my case just play really damn slow with no frame loss (fraps states 60fps...