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  1. J

    The PES 2021 Request Thread

    Hi guys! Can anyone make a red Vasco da Gama kit? Only have black and white in ml. Gets boring with 2 shirts
  2. J

    PES 2021 Data Pack 4 Info

    Thanks man! This helps me out a lot! Need to find another full option file then. Too bad stuff like this happens in PES
  3. J

    PES 2021 Data Pack 4 Info

    When i first played ml this year i had around 1000 free agents. Now there are so much! Mostly players from Iran and saudi arabia and such. I thought the fake players from national teams would not show up in ml but they are all over my ml now. First time this happened to me never had this issue...
  4. J

    PES 2021 Data Pack 4 Info

    Thanks for the reply! Every time i have around 2000 players in free agents when i start a new master league. Mainly from Asian countries. I dont know what im doing wrong. Really annoys me
  5. J

    PES 2021 Data Pack 4 Info

    I recently reinstalled pes 2021 but with all the options files i tried there are sooo many fake players in free agents and duplicate players. Somebody knows which option file is best to make a fresh start?? Really want to play master league again but the fake and duplicates ruining it.
  6. J

    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Anyone know where to find sponsors for Italian Serie B? Been looking everywhere but cant find nothing. Just Serie A teams
  7. J

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras

    Anyone knows where to find a list of the players with updated stats and positions after dp4?
  8. J

    Dlc 3.0

    Anyone noticed the releaseclauses after dp3? Brazil is full of bargains now. Can pick up Gabigol for 20mil.. Jorge for 3..
  9. J

    [LEAGUE] Major League Soccer - eFootball PES2020 - PS4 OUT NOW!!! by WWEFAN

    I reallyyyy want to use this but its in the other south american action right? If i download this what can i use as PAS league?
  10. J

    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Is there anybody who can make me a third Paris FC kit for ML? Would be veryyyyyy much appreciated!
  11. J

    Loan players in ML

    I think its from the last datapack. Thats when i first noticed it
  12. J

    [Faces]Base Copy Players

    Any suggestions for Elmas (Napoli) ?
  13. J

    Does live updates mess up national teams??

    When applying the live update just tap the first box. Not the second
  14. J

    Commentary team name

    After some test i noticed the commentary only mention licensed teams with licensed stadiums. So thats just a couple of teams. This didnt happen before datapack 2
  15. J

    Commentary team name

    Thanks for the reply! But its weird.. Every match they mention my opponents team name expect mine. Getting annoyed by this and thinking about starting a new ML in Premiership or something
  16. J

    Commentary team name

    Anyone knows what to do?
  17. J

    Ps4 of pes 2020 nico ultras

    Thats some good news
  18. J

    Commentary team name

    Hey guys! Since the last update i havent heard the commentators mentioning my team name at all. They mention the opponents every match but never my team. I play ML with Ascoli and started after the last update. Is this a known issue?