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    please come in

    whats this?any kind of thing?
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    Fenerbahce Kit PES4 PS2

    do you like winning eleven 8 ,we also have ps2 version
  3. V

    i want the stadium tools

    i want the stadium tools. i want to make winning eleven 8 (pes4) stadium,but no on has it. i hope someone can help me
  4. V

    Help on Editing

    slip away,i have no idea about that,i just play we8 ..ha
  5. V

    [Video] Pes 2011 : WTF! Moments

    it seems good!!i play not very much ,no time
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    2011 WE8FANS world cup collective edition download from Chinese WE8 Diy team

    our forum is this version from there are many game pictures on second post
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    2011 WE8FANS world cup collective edition download from Chinese WE8 Diy team

    This version is WE8FANS series version-WE8FANS World Cup collective version.Also this version is our third version,now we are on Diy our WE8FANS Finals version. This version enjoy high reputation in China,our team is best WE8 diy team in China,our forum is there are many we8...
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    PES 6 Option file 2011

    do you have pes4 stadium tools?thanks
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    I Need help for Gameplay

    Hold on R1 stuck him.hah
  10. V

    PES 2011 goal compilation

    damn,i can not load Youtube I have to use VPN
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    Enabling Libertadores teams

    i havent been here for a long time/the upstair is right,something is locked'
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    number one stat on ps2

    i do not know,i just play pc.
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    Classic Player Pack Help.

    just play more games,and win,then get money and buy your players,lol
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    Help needed urgently 4-3-3

    i dont like use this formation.if against this formation,i will use 4-2-3-1.
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    Shooting and Crossing help

    damn,me too,some buttons can not work out,i'm freek out
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    Advertisements in matches

    lol,you are very lucky,till now i havent seen any advertisement in game.
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    shooting tutorial 1:begginer level

    a vert specific conclusion,i just keep on trainning myself.hard to reach
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    Vancouver White Caps 48M FK.

    48?damn,how to make it,can you teach me some skiils
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    Another Great Chip By Aguero

  20. V

    the best goals i mean the best no one score like

    yes really,nice goal,i never done chance?