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    (PS3) NicWarren A-League OF PES 2013 (BLES)

    Break my heart :p What about sharing db for player faces? Show some love to a Melb-based SFC fan :)
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    (PS3) NicWarren A-League OF PES 2013 (BLES)

    Any way to use data for the ps3 OF and get an xbox version?
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    [BLES01407] NC&L01 A-League OF

    Can the guts of the file be ported to xbox OF?
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    Xbox - Aussie and NZ players

    this group/listing might help for finding players:
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    World Cup in Master League

    from competition you can select cups. and WC is there along with euro, asian cup, african cup of nations and a few others. not sure if that is standard for the game or enabled due to daymos option file. i installed the option file before looking at a virgin copy.
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    Xbox - Aussie and NZ players

    mcnasty, what version are you on? pc, xbox, ps3?
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    Xbox - Aussie and NZ players

    Keen to connect with Aussie, kiwi and other local gamers for lag free play, hopefully online comp to boot. Working on a-league option file. There are five of us so far, anyone else out there get in touch Gamertag: dj brut33
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    Full manual, player switching

    I meant i was on semi.
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    Full manual, player switching

    With assisted player switching on, and all other settings on full manual i find the computer assigns the wrong person to collect a pass and finding it impossible to change to a player better suited to receive, say running into a gap from opposite angle. Is there a way to change the assigned...
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    No league mode in pes this year

    League and cups are in the game, download an option file such as the one from Daymos and play EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Asian Cup, World Cup you name it. Same about the no Community though.
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    Australian Xbox Players

    Looking for aussie xbox players, full manual prefeered, to join growing list of local lag-free community. An A-League option file is also in the works.. Gamertag: dj Brut33
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    PES 2012 v FIFA 12

    nice vid, sarcasm lost on most
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    YOUR Favourite PES 2011 Player

    Farinos for me. Picked him up as teenager and a rock as dmf with serious long range shooting skills.
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    aussie xbox players?

    what is your gamertag dude?
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    aussie xbox players?

    i'm from australia and seeking players for online session for xbox. have a community called auspes join for nonlag games gamertag: dj brut33
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    shovel kicks in pes09 - massive help needed!

    laugh if you will but i am ready to kill the computer, my xbox and my tv.. i'm on at goal, perhaps turning on the ball, maybe running into the box - i shoot... and the ball gets dinked up in the air 'oh he's attempting to chip the keeper' NO the hell i am trying to do that; i'm...