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    I just don’t know what I’m doing…

    I just don’t know what im doing in the match and it’s a shitty feeling, because it’s like I know the moves, I score goals, I kind of know where the gameplay flaws, however it’s like there’s no “weight”. Its hard to explain … Sometimes I feel like pushing a marbel with a stick, challenging but...
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    Why is everything a foul?!

    i dont really expect to get way with all the slide tackles... just a few all the fouls kind of break the flow of the game :\
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    Why is everything a foul?!

    I used to get away with several slide tackles without the ref calling a foul. now i can barely get one. Also almost always, when i pressure, its a foul as well! it also happens whe the pc does it to me to... :realmad: we are like pushing and shuving on the spot, and then the CPU Slaps...
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    Is it possible to edit players once started ML?

    Iv beeing playing a few seasons, is it possible to change player stats in my ml massively? cheers?
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    About graphics.. its just horrible

    yea.. something as basic as grass... the pitch also makes my eyes swore in every single video iv seen
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    About graphics.. its just horrible

    Ok, i never i thought i would say this because i always put gameplay ahead, waaay ahead of graphics, but the graphics in pes 2016 are pathetic. In a way i thought it was me, but then i see other peoples videos and my eyes hurt. I see they even have to put it in less resolution/quality to have...
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    In game. Anyone find the ball too small or tiny?

    Hi just wondering if anyone else had this impression. Im on the pcc with full specs, zoom - default one. And i find the football to be a tad too small? :huh: Btw is there anyway to remove the letterbox display? Cheers!
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    Shame pes 15

    good to see some things never change
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    Cracked pes 2015

    not quite sure if its a statement or quasi question in there :erm:
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    Accused of cheating amidst current online issues

    i wouldnt worry either... they havnt done anything about cheaters in years, they wont do it now. ah yes except for that courtosy system, which is kinda of like sending a group of brittish gentlemen to meet with hitler asking politetly to refrain from his invasion of poland over some tea and...
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    PES13 servers will be shutdown soon,nº of people online PES15?

    Is there anyway to know how many people are actually online in pes 15? Im still playing pes 13 and its a pitty they are shutting if off. I also played quite alot at PES 11 (until the server were shutoff) and by these dates (2 years later after its release) there were not that many people...
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    myClub – Why you shouldn’t hope for your favorite 80+ player

    i think the nba system is the best system, even though everyone will end up with the same players anyway
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    HELP - Cannot log onto servers

    check router ports ? might have to congfigure it...
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    The game is broken

    yea the net movement reminds me of pcfutbol 1993? its a perfectly valid point, specially when before net movement was good.. its not a deal breaker however some details are more important than others (intros, music and shoes dont mean a shit...
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    PES15 - quit & manual controls

    Yes, it does seem like a beta menu.. you can find it under EXTRAS (where you see traning, statistics.. etc)... for some reason its there...theres an OFF button on the right hand side.... small, hit it to exit genious the guy who implemented it...
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    Anyone with questions about PES 2015?

    yes and all have the shadow of the buildings on them.. bu!!! i have to play at night!
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    Game plan UI too small?

    Anyone else find it a bit tidious. i didnt play pes pes14 but in 13: to change a player or change his position all you had to do was select and drag. Now to change a player: 1 goto "choose manually option" 2 hit line up 3 change the player for a sub to change his position 1...
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    PC users. Disable wide screen?

    Oh ok, just found out, apparently letter boxing will be only disabled (at least on my pc) if the ratio is16:9,.. so im kinda restricted to a couple of resolutions instead of the whole list.. kinda a weird they took away this option..
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    PC users. Disable wide screen?

    i get the back lines at the top and bottom (like in a movie), anyone know there way around this? In other versions all you had to do was change the wide screen option in settings. Now its not there. :( the is no letter box option Iv tried different resolutions and even in window mode but they...
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    PES 2015 Full Game :)

    slide tackles are funny in pes 2015, i kind like it this way, hey kinda go on... and and on... and on... In pc any getting sudden speed ups movements with goal keepers?