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    Official Winning Eleven 8 Impressions - No Chatting!

    Hey there! Reb again! I'm in Laos and I found a shop where you can play PS2 for 40p per hour!!!! They had WE8 and so I almost wet myself getting the thing loaded up... I haven't played any console games in 6 mths and it showed. I was thrashed 4-0 on 3* as England v Brazil in my 1st match. How...
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    Ah! The irony! During the war, the yanks rained down Agent Orange and now in a strange reflection of that time you seek to do the same with Walkers Crisps!
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    Awwww!!!!!!!!! U r sweet but I dont have a permanent address and dont really stay anywhere long enough for that to be viable.... but its the thought that counts ;-]
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    You Got the Power?

    Zyg, Im afraid that I wont be back for ages in the UK. So dont stay up waiting for me! The only way I reckon we could play each other b then would be online... that would be Xbox or PC? I didnt watch the game... didnt I say that already? Maybe I am going mad? Thanks for the points info...
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    You know I thought I could come to SE Asia and eat some really hot food... but boy have I been wrong. You have to go out of your way to find good hot food. Thats because I stay in the backpacker areas and the food there is touristy and crap!!!!! Waaaah! I wish I could have a packet of...
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    You Got the Power?

    Hope this doesnt count as a naughty post... but is it that you get points for every post you make? Is there an incentive for this kind of gratuitous rewarding of my ability to string words together?
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    You Got the Power?

    Hey Zyg and GFK! Man, you guys are the old guard! I bet you both play PES with a zimmer frame now and still beat people a lot! GFK! I am still on my world trip! I have only been going 2.5 mths and have another 21.5 mths to go!!!! So the world experience points are still being racked up...
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    You Got the Power?

    Somebody told me I was missed on this forum... by THE POWER of email. If you wanna see what I look like then just go to my URL... If you wanna fight... then you'll have to hightail it to Vietnam for fisticuffs cos that's where I am right now!!!! btw, the...
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    New Style And Site Design

    Just like Britney...PESInsight seems to have reinvented itself in a darker, more adult vein!
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    Anybody 'worst defeat' in ML?

    just lost 3-1 to fulham! on 4* but i did have Gerrard sent off for a wreckless challenge early on!
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    could be!
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    MAN U rule

    Who is in the next round? Porto. 2-1 in the 1st leg and 1-1 in the 2nd. Man U lost and Porto lost. Ok, the 2nd game was a draw but they got beat? Man U never seemed to get going. They relied too much on RVN and Fergie shouldn't have brought on Ronaldo. Rather Solskjaer... old hand to steady...
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    MAN U rule

    hello... man u r in a bit of a pickle? Should have gone thru but not good enough to win the thing without more players....
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    transfer pts(how much you got?)

    on about 104k on 4* but I am trying to get as many pplayers in there to reduce the wage bill. I have a squad of 25 currently...
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    Er... how drunk were you Flipper? Pretty pissed if u were eating a kebab. I still eat chicken kebabs as they can be alright but every time I succumb to doner it always turns out to be disgusting!
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    Pls click on this link to take you to my thread about me going round the world. I would like hints and tips on sights, sounds, food, fun and frolics. And also if anyone wants to meet up (or even put me up!!!) that would be cool too...
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    salam to everybody

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    Just thought I would say hello back... hello back!
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    Another New Guy

    Welcome your Honor Global Ed.
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    4 Star or 5 Star

    Your haiku was dire It should be 3 lines and have 5, 7, 5 beats.