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    [PS4] classic teams for pes 2018

    Great Work! Zico and Socrates look insanely real. Unbelievable.
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    Classic Teams

    Awesome! Thank you so much for your work. Please let us know when you finish.
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    Classic Teams

    That thread is for PES17, not 18.
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    Classic Teams

    I have been playing this game since 2002, but I stopped for a few years. Now I am back, and I tried PES 2018, and loved it. Old versions of the game used to have classic teams, such as classic Brazil, Argentina, etc. I understand that Konami has removed this feature since 2013. I wonder if...
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    functional difference between d-pad and joystick

    I just bought my pes2011 and played one game. This old question pops into my mind again: what is the real difference between the d-pad and the joystick? I started playing PES in 2001. At that time, you had to use the D-pad, because there were things you could not do without it. For example...
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    ML starting team

    I wonder if it is possible to switch to a new manager job after promotion. Say you take PES United to division 1, is it possible to get hired by Man United then? I heard it is possible in Fifa 09.
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    ML starting team

    I tried to start with Man United in division 2, but there doesn't seem to such an option. It looks like I must start with the premier league if I choose a team like MU. If I start with a team like PES united, I can start in Division 2. Is there anyway to change this? Or am I wrong?
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    PES surrender to FIFA?

    After starting up the master league, I immediately realized that this is too familiar - the whole master league system now runs like FIFA2009. Has Konami hoisted the white flag? Here are the things that look like FIFA: - one stat number to represent a player's ability - Coach takes over a...
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    American PS3 users!

    update 1.2 On Kanomi's website, it says this update includes winter transfers. So this update, named 1.2 for North American users, is perhaps equivalent to the 1.3 of Euro users. Just a guess. But help me guys, how can I find Rafael and his twin brother Fabio? Do I have to create them manually?
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    American PS3 users!

    update 1.2 I just downloaded update 1.2. There is no sight of 1.3 anywhere. I am in the US. I still cannot find Rafael for United!!!!
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    I tried FIFA 07

    More impression about FIFA 07 Guys, In the past few days I played more of FIFA 07. I start to find out two problems with it: 1. The graphics do look good from the tele view, but the animations are in fact quite sloppy (Haribo made the same point). If you are used to playing PES, you will...
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    I tried FIFA 07

    After reading the frontpage comments, I actually went back and tried FIFA 07. I dumped FIFA and switched to PES in 2001 because of the poor gameplay (especially defense) in FIFA. I must say FIFA 07 is quite a fun experience so far. The manager mode is particularly interesting, in some ways it...
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    Why I think PES5 is terrible

    side step how many people think it is terrible that to get a side step now you do not have to press any R keys any more? Now when you play the game, the players do sidesteps all the time whenever you accidentally press the direction key to the "wrong" direction. This is one of the most annoying...
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    Why I think PES5 is terrible

    I think pes5 is the worst of all versions of pes, and here is why. I used to play FIFA before I knew about winning eleven. I hated FIFA because a lot of features are built into the game so that the game player's skills do not matter in deciding the result of the game. For example, I remember...
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    What did you do with PES/WE United?

    Can anybody give me some good ideas as to how to utilize the two fake teams? What new teams did you create with them? What new players did you create? Thanks.
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    Play Master League with the Default Team ONLY!

    Play with default players: impossible after 5 seasons I saw some success reports about using the default team to win the game. However, what I noticed is that the game incrementally more difficult as you play more and more seasons. I have right now finished my 8th season. It is difficult to win...
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    Play Master League with the Default Team ONLY!

    Got to division 1 but ... I tried this with 5* and fatigure on. I set the transfer mode to "on" in case I get tired of it. Played with Manchester United in the Spanish La Liga. Anyway, Castolo and Huylens were extremely good at scoring! I managed to win 3 games, and draw about 6. Then I bought...
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    Dong Fangzhou

    two mistakes in Dong's stats Thanks for the stats, but there are 2 mistakes. First, the name is Dong Fangzhuo, the last part is "zhuo" instead of "zhou". Second, the shirt name should be "Dong" instead of "fangzhuo", because Dong is his last name. Well, this is only relevant if you care about...
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    Master League Player name

    Does anybody know if the player names of the Master League that are NOT in any real clubs can be changed? For example, the growth players have funny names like Van Gough (a painter). I would like to change those. Thanks
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    Classic Players

    Re: Brazil's Eder Thanks a lot for the stats for Eder. One question: I remember he was a forward in Brazil 82, not a OMF. Maybe he played OMF for his club? Also, could you explain where you got those numbers? I am a newbie, and very curious. Thanks.