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    game is so heavily scripted

    Yes at least last year you could get respite from fakeclub with a more level playing field in Online Divisions, but not this year. Online friendly is the only mode left which is best player wins. Its not a football IQ test anymore, year on year they go further away from a football test, its a...
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    Controversial Fiorentina Kit 1992

    will try Lazio or Roma next
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    Controversial Fiorentina Kit 1992

    Milan download link
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    Controversial Fiorentina Kit 1992

    cheers, some nice choices, will try a few
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    Controversial Fiorentina Kit 1992

    Making some Italian strips from the 90s if anyone has any good suggestion of team and year. download links here
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    how to pass faster

    Its a joke, online ranking matches are a complete waste of time, because you are playing opponents with 3rd world internet they are having a dream time while you are in hell. Pass forward to a player and he is stuck running back towards you for 2 or 3 seconds, this is his first touch, stuck in...
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    Champions League Stars Agent

    I also got Verrati since I posted. What are the chances eh? Also had another player 3 times now as well. Random indeed.
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    Champions League Stars Agent

    Is rigged, it is not random as it should be. I know this because I have had Wellington Nem 3 times and Adrian Luiz 3 time after selling them. Its impossible for this to be random. They say you can get one of the Team of the Year players as well but I doubt it, ive spammed this agent and...
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    Thiago Silva from Free Agent

    What are the odds? Ball Opening and reaction -
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    I like PES but Konami fix these things!!!!

    Im noticing it a lot any time I play online games, the input lag when connection is fine. Its impossible for me to play at the speed I want to play at, everything is 1/2 sec+ slow, doesnt interest me to play with those limitations so just playing the COM. Wondering why im putting the time...
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    no more myclub

    I noticed that in last game of Winner of Winners, won the first two very easily, the second game had bad lag as playing south american player, in the final I was playing lowest rated of the 3 games, 300 odd player, lost more game than he won, so expected just had to play my game again and...
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    no more myclub

    I got the Stars Of 2014-2015 x3 Got a silver, a gold and a black, the black was 80 rated 33yo. Spent a few more 10ks and no blacks, done a free agent and got a black, 83 rated 38yo, best player ive been given and got it from free agent after spending shitloads, unbelievable.
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    no more myclub

    spent about 200,000 GP ZERO black balls Already a lot of GP accumulated from elsewhere in the game without even thinking about it and when I started myclub I had loads free GP in inbox about 60,000 plus I added the bonus from the game box that I didnt know about with all that plus the top...