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    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    With datapack 4.0 I can't find P. Sandler > Manchester City (#34). A. Dionkou > Manchester City (#88). anywhere does anyone have OF that include lost players?
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    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    Phil Jones is not on MU list too. hahaha. And he still with the team in the game
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    [PLAYERS] Incorrect transfers and numbers

    Why nobody mention Danny Rose of Spurs???? Quite high overall player
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    [PS4/PC] Ratmundo Classic Option File

    Amazing work my friend, can I ask this is free or purchased? Can i Paypal you?
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    The PES 2020 Request Thread

    Does anyone making the Manchester City legends edit face on PS4? Like Colin Bell, Eric Brook, ....
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    [KITS] 2019/20 Kits by CDKitmaker

    Can you make a file for this kit? Many thanks.
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4)

    I've finish Thailand and Vietnam teams for PES 2019 But unfortunately, we did not face Thai in Final match :( The Vietnamese face are closed enough with real life players I'll give u the link later Can i have ur facebook or email? Cuz i cant have any notification from this 4rum
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4)

    Do you have facebook account? i can't get any notification from this forum :'(
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    [EXPORTS] All National Teams (PS4)

    your Vietnam national team's face, squad and kits are wrong i have the file if you want.