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  1. bolchevique

    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    Hola amigo. Tenés los colores de la Premier League? Gracias. Hi mate, do u have Premier League colours? Thanks. Great kits !
  2. bolchevique

    Can I backup edited data on PS4?

    Nice to know that. I'll keep on editing then.
  3. bolchevique

    Can I backup edited data on PS4?

    Great, and then u can import it and change a hole team for instance? For example, the entired Dortmund for a PEU league team?
  4. bolchevique

    Few Questions (Help)

    Here mate, u can create Dortmund perfectly. Link:
  5. bolchevique

    Data Packs deleting created players (PS4)

    Great post mate, I had the same doubt. Once I know this, i'll keep up editing The Bundesliga. It's a pitty it doesn't exists no more wild PES Editor, great tool for PC gamers. Are u aware of another similar tool for official PES. I don't want to install any tool and that the game (downloaded...
  6. bolchevique

    Can I backup edited data on PS4?

    Is there any solution for PC. How do i export a team? Does anybody knows? ronystan paul2478
  7. bolchevique

    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    Esos son los kits que hice para el PES 2014 estos son para el PES 2015: Those are the kits I did for PES 2014 PES these are for 2015: Kits Football League Championship 2014 2015 BY ANGELTORERO Muchas gracias, amigo! Thanks so much, mate!
  8. bolchevique

    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    kits Football League Championship 2014 2015: kits hechos la mayoría por mi(angeltorero) , por Milanello84 , erzo77 y Garde kits 2014 2015 Football League Championship: Most kits made ​​by me (angeltorero) for Milanello84, erzo77 and Garde
  9. bolchevique

    [KITS] Angeltorero Kits

    Buenísimos kits, amigo. Tenés las fórmulas o al menos, los colores RGB de cada equipo? Great kits, mate. Do u have formulas or at least, the RGB colours of the each team?
  10. bolchevique

    [KITS] BY KillaCarrillo (No Requests)

    Great work so far, my friend. Keep on like that ! Bolche.
  11. bolchevique

    [LEAGUE] Argentina Primera División Creation Thread – Season 2013/2014

    No juego al PES 2014. Me quedé en el 2013. Veremos el 2015. Saludos. I dont play PES 2014. Cheers.
  12. bolchevique

    [LEAGUE] Argentina Primera División Creation Thread – Season 2013/2014

    River: Los de Estudiantes los borraron.
  13. bolchevique

    Cant Install Data Pack 2

    Ha, ha, ha, what can i say? Bob Marley rules!
  14. bolchevique

    Hidden fake teams in PES 2014!!!!

    Jajaja, Palmeiras playing UEFA Champions League????
  15. bolchevique

    BASE COPY IS there, but useless !!!...

    Worst PES ever. Keep calm, wait for PES 2015 or jump to FIFA. I have the original KONAMI PES 2014 and cannot play either.
  16. bolchevique

    1.04 wheres the new features?!

    Me the same problem but with the dlc 2.00
  17. bolchevique

    Cant Install Data Pack 2

    I agree. My anger is with Konami people, not with the Japanese entire Nation. I was misinterpreted. Just that. Keep calm mate. I'm not racist like u say. Cheers. Peace and love like Bob Marley said.
  18. bolchevique

    Cant Install Data Pack 2

    I have the same problem with PC version. It shows a message that it's already installed but then no changes an the option of reinstalling the pack appears. KONAMI brings no solutions at all. Just a shamed on u japanese people !
  19. bolchevique

    New patch problem! Please HELP!

    The last message was for vasquez, don't bye the original game, it doesn't work fine. Just an advice.